Live Broadcast | Cobo Treasury's second-generation hardware wallet officially released

This afternoon (April 10), Cobo Wallet, in conjunction with ChainNode chain nodes and chains, held the Cobo Treasury's second-generation hardware wallet product launch. Liu Lixin, the person in charge of the Cobo hardware business line, introduced the relevant situation of the Cobo second-generation hardware wallet in the live broadcast. He said that the Cobo vault second-generation hardware wallet has two versions: the standard version and the professional version, which have the following three characteristics:

The first is the detachable battery. For users who store coins for a long time, the hardware wallet is the most prone to problems. The second-generation hardware wallet uses a detachable battery / No. 7 battery for power supply and is suitable for long-term storage.

The second is fingerprint authorization. Considering that high-frequency users are likely to be used in public places, we have also equipped the professional version with a fingerprint module, so that you do n’t have to worry about your password being captured by the surveillance camera.

The third is disassembly and self-destruction. If a hacker steals a hardware wallet and disassembles it to carry out a physical attack (bypass attack), the professional version will sense the disassembly operation and erase all private key data by itself.

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