Investment research: BTC has a strong probability of breaking a bearish wedge, or bottoming again near $ 6,000

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European market, BTC temporarily reported $ 6956.7 (-4.48%). OKB temporarily reported $ 4.65 (-4.95%).

Before this Friday, BTC was always in a shock pattern after stagflation. As the highs continued to move down, the downside risk gradually increased, and yesterday it fell to US $ 7100 for a short time, although the trend was rapid in the next few hours. It has been corrected, but the currency price has a downward trend. As of now, the currency price has briefly fallen below $ 7,000. OKEx analyst Neo believes that the bearish wedge's lower edge of the currency price test yesterday has shown signs of a break, and the market is gradually releasing weak signals. In view of the gradual increase in hourly-level selling, the probability of a break is also increasing. If the trend can't stand at 7000 USD again in the next 8 ~ 12 hours, you can confirm the end of the previous stage of the rebound to a certain extent, and a new round of bottoming market or start. Investors should pay attention to the position where the currency price can stabilize in the near future Among them, $ 6600, $ 6150 and $ 5850 are potential support levels.

The production reduction effect of BCH has been digested for a short time, and the price has continued to weaken. After falling below the support of 250 US dollars, it has now fallen back to the triangle consolidation area at the bottom of the previous period, and is temporarily supported by 235 US dollars. However, with the continuation of the trend, the trend is in This position is less likely to stabilize, with US $ 224 and US $ 215 likely to be strong supports. BSV has almost given up all the halving of the gains, temporarily supported by $ 195, the short pattern is full, and the market outlook fell below $ 188 or a high probability event. Note: The opening time is based on Hong Kong time at 0 o'clock. According to the data of CoinGecko, an international third-party statistical agency, the 24-hour contract transaction volume of the OKEx platform is US $ 3.49 billion. Risk warning: There are risks in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.