The Secret History of Bitcoin: The Mysterious Street Bitcoin Trader

Source: Hash Pie

Author: LucyCheng

Editor's Note: The original title was "Mysterious Street Bitcoin Trader | The Secret History of Bitcoin (68)"

In the early stages of the Bitcoin mining market where competition is becoming fiercer and there are not too many exchange ecosystems, face-to-face over-the-counter trading is one of the simplest and most direct ways to obtain Bitcoin. At that time, this market, which had no jurisdiction and developed freely, not only caused a lot of scams and fraud incidents, but also spread some interesting stories. For example, Daniel Blank, the founder of blockchain startup Safebit, shared a mysterious street trading experience on the Q & A site Quora.

Screenshot from: Quora

In late 2013, when bitcoin prices rose steadily, Blank and his friends decided to buy thousands of new shekels (Israeli fiat units) for $ 100 / piece. However, most of the ways to obtain bitcoin during this period were too complicated or took too long. They thought about it and chose to find an OTC vendor to enter the market.

Through a web search, they quickly found a major local bitcoin trader. However, the other party is very low-key and cautious, saying that not everyone can find him a deal, and they must meet through a mutual friend's introduction. Blank felt very suspicious at the beginning; acquaintances introduced, agreed to meet, and implemented the transaction. Listening to this set of operating procedures always made people unconsciously think of the drug transaction.

Despite this, Blank decided to take a chance. He and his friends contacted the dealer through e-mail, and after confirming the amount and meeting time with the other party, he took a lot of cash and laptop to the appointed place. During the long 20-minute wait, Blank imagined countless encounters with dealers, and even simulated what he would do if he saw a scammer or an outlaw; but when the dealer appeared, They were instantly dumbfounded because the person coming was a 13-year-old child.

What surprised Blank was that the 13-year-old kid was the mysterious seller in everyone's mouth. But compared to Blank's shock, the boy seemed calm. He sat down freely and talked to them while drinking. During the talk, the boy revealed that he had been involved in mining since the birth of Bitcoin, and he still holds a huge amount of Bitcoin.

Looking back now, Blank still thinks the situation was very funny at the time; but at the same time he was also curious about the boy, "I think the kid should have made a profit in recent years, I am curious what he is doing … "