Chongqing Blockchain Application Innovation Industry Alliance was established

On April 10, in accordance with the deployment of Chongqing's blockchain development work, the Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, in conjunction with the Yuzhong District People's Government, guided more than 110 well-known enterprises such as Inspur, IBM, Huawei, Tencent, and the three major operators to establish the urban area of ​​Chongqing Blockchain Application Innovation Industry Alliance. Jing Genyuan, deputy director of Chongqing Big Data Development Bureau, said that the alliance will rely on Chongqing's first blockchain industry innovation base, aiming to build an open platform for blockchain communication, cooperation, innovation, and application; promote the blockchain industry chain Downstream cooperation, industry-university-research cooperation cooperation; serve blockchain enterprises, promote member units to cooperate closely on key blockchain technologies, applications, standards, etc., jointly promote Chongqing blockchain technology and industrial innovation development, and help Chongqing blockchain The high-quality development of the digital economy.