Bybit Airdrop Gifts are available for a limited time! Teach you how to receive 1632 USDT in 10 minutes!

Bybit, this is a professional derivatives exchange with nearly 70% overseas users, with a daily trading volume of more than 1 billion.

In the Chinese market, it may not be well-known for exchanges such as Huobi and OK. However, in the past few extreme markets, when the exchange card crashed and the futures players had nightmares, Bybit was miraculously smooth. Because of this, it captured a large number of professional derivatives players who used it to trade earlier. As they "tap water", they will "mLM" it in the circle of friends.

Previously, Bybit was very low-key, but as derivatives became mainstream in the market in 2020, Bybit began to attack in high-profile.

Recently, Bybit announced the information of three new products in the Q2 quarter, USDT perpetual contract, contract insurance, and APP strategy to place orders.

Among them, the USDT perpetual contract has unique play methods such as long and short two-way positions and combined margin. Contract insurance is an option that can be used to hedge contract risks. The APP strategy ordering greatly enriches the mobile terminal operation functions.

Bybit Airdrop Gifts are available for a limited time! Teach you how to receive 1632 USDT in 10 minutes!

In order to "dial up" users, Bybit also got together to launch a series of time-limited "airdrop" activities. such as:

1. Recharge BTC and receive USDT experience gold.

2. Deposit USDT and receive USDT deduction bonus.

3. When the transaction reaches a certain limit, receive USDT experience money.

4. Fill in the optimization suggestion questionnaire and receive USDT experience money. Forget it, if you work hard enough, you can roll up 1632 USDT experience gold! Even more! If you are lazy, recharge 0.5 BTC, 50 UDST experience gold will fly into your wallet! Now go to the official website to make an appointment and you can get 60!

How to play Byby's three new products? How to get a massive airdrop? Let's look down together.

Bybit's USDT perpetual contract is nothing, these four functions are "secret weapons"

The USDT perpetual contract is the flagship product of BybitQ in the second quarter. It is a perpetual contract that uses USDT for margin and settlement. This should be the hottest derivative game in 2020. Most exchanges are estimated to be on it because it is really good. Use, do not worry about being forced to close the position due to delivery. You can participate in multi-currency contracts such as BTC and ETH by depositing USDT.

Compared with the currency standard reverse contract, it can be described in three words, which is very beautiful. But Bybit's USDT perpetual contract also has 4 unique features.

Function 1, long and short positions can be held under the same contract. In some scenarios, this is quite easy to use, you can lock positions and profit and loss, and never burst! Moreover, the long and short positions exist independently, and different levers can be selected. Beautiful.

Function 2, combined margin. It is equivalent to say that in the full position mode, the open profit and loss can be shared, open positions and withdrawals, which greatly improves the utilization rate of funds. Beautiful.

Function 3, multi-contract sharing margin and insurance pool function . That is, in the full position mode, all open positions of the USDT margin contract will be shared. Beautiful.

Function 4, chart area operation. This irrelevant contract itself is a show operation. For example, you can directly click on the K line to place an order quickly, open a position backhand, and quickly close the position. In extreme market conditions, it can increase the hand speed, rather than messing up when switching pages. Beautiful.

If you earn less because of the restrictions of the reverse contract, then the forward contract may be your dish.

In addition, Byit also released an innovative option product called contract insurance this time, you can buy this insurance for the contract, the contract is liquidated, and the insured position can be paid in full, so you no longer have to liquidate I can't sleep.

There is also a new product called APP Strategy Order , which allows users to implement some advanced trading strategies on Bybit's APP, thereby improving the contract's winning rate and automated functions.

Three major time-limited "airdrops", USDT experience gold soft hands

Organized a series of Bybit's new product launch activities, there are 3 in total. Because they are pushing the USDT perpetual contract, the rewards are USDT experience gold, see how to pour a handful of wool.

Activity 1: Chief Experience Officer, can get up to 500U!

Based on the USDT perpetual contract just launched, Bybit launched an event called the Chief Experience Officer. Participants need to fill out a questionnaire. The questions mainly revolve around the experience of using the contract, and also include "catching insects". There are a total of 11 questions that you choose to fill in the blank.

Bybit will select high-quality questionnaire submitters as the chief experience officer, and each person can receive 500USDT experience gold and Bybit sterling silver commemorative coins .

Bybit Airdrop Gifts are available for a limited time! Teach you how to receive 1632 USDT in 10 minutes!

Activity two, register an appointment, three major "airdrops", you can receive up to 1132U!

Bybit's USDT perpetual contract has just been launched. From 18:00 on April 9th ​​to 18:00 on April 12th, Beijing time, users can log in to Bybit to complete the appointment. The so-called appointment is to forward the event introduction. Participate in the following three airdrop activities after making an appointment to obtain additional income. (Reservation link: )

Airdrop 1, At 18:00 on April 13 , Beijing time, Bybit will take a snapshot of the wallet, and the BTC wallet balance ≥ 0.5 (except for the experience gold), you can receive 50USDT experience gold reward .

Airdrop II, At 18:00 on April 16 , Beijing time, Bybit will take a snapshot of the wallet, and the USDT wallet balance is ≥100, and the user will receive the USDT deduction of "USDT wallet balance * 2%" at the snapshot time. A single account can receive up to 60USDT .

For the above two activities, if the appointment is completed, the corresponding reward can be increased by another 20%. It means that you can receive up to 132 USDT. This is wool that can be easily found !

Trading rewards, from 18:00 on April 12th to 18:00 on May 10th , Beijing time, users participating in Bybit transactions can get up to 1000USDT experience gold . For details of the rewards, please refer to the figure below.

Bybit Airdrop Gifts are available for a limited time! Teach you how to receive 1632 USDT in 10 minutes!

One thing to note here is that the experience money can be used as a deposit and a deduction transaction fee, and the deduction money can only be used as a transaction fee, neither of which can be withdrawn or exchanged.


Activity 3, 7 major brands jointly help, 7000U airdrop strikes!

From April 9th ​​to April 16th, Bybit joined forces with 7 brands including Chain Node, Golden Finance, Planet Daily, Contract Emperor, Coin, AIcoin, and BitUniverse to form an airdrop alliance. One platform per day, share 1000USDT experience gold reward every day for 7 consecutive days.

This event is a bit of a joint marketing, the potential is not small, almost covering the hottest community media platform today. From the activity of the 9th chain node, users can share 1000U as long as they forward the posters in the circle of friends and like them. At present, there are still 6000U waiting to be claimed, but the gameplay of different brands is the same, you need to go to the corresponding platform to check their respective gameplay.

So, if you are concerned about the airdrop alliance, then the highest wool you can find is actually more than 1632U.

Bybit Airdrop Gifts are available for a limited time! Teach you how to receive 1632 USDT in 10 minutes!

Bybit, behind the strong attack is the opening of the new war on the exchange track

If we look at its three major activities, we will find that its strength is really great. As long as you register and recharge, you will be able to get 132U, plus the airdrop alliance, this wool is equivalent to 1,000 yuan. For investors who want to try derivatives gameplay, this is a lot of starting capital.

Many users are teasing and can open a hundred times leverage, maybe they will become rich.

You may have to say that half of the USDT is deductible, but the perpetual contract has a position holding fee, and the deductible is also real money. In fact, such a high reward is the cost of customer acquisition, and few exchanges are willing to give such high benefits to users.

Bybit's concentrated airdrop this time is mainly in April, or in mid-April, so if you miss this village, you will not have this shop.

If we look at Bybit from the perspective of an exchange, it is undoubtedly a very unique exchange specializing in derivatives.

Even today when contracts are flooding, it still only provides four reverse perpetual contracts of BTC, ETH, EOS and XRP and one positive perpetual contract of BTC. But this platform is still more than 1 billion US dollars on the average daily exchange today, with good depth and smooth trading.

Prior to this, Bybit's new product launch was held in the Chinese community first, and then in overseas communities, plus this unprecedented airdrop, which may indicate that for Bybit Exchange, it is working on the Chinese market.

According to previously disclosed news, rich derivative games like simplified options, expiring contracts and ETF products will be available in Q3Q4.

Undoubtedly, as financial derivatives become mainstream in the cryptocurrency market, around the exchange, perhaps a war is about to take place. Perhaps what is worth looking forward to is whether the future exchange will be a winner-take-all, or a very professional and vertical platform like Bybit, which can take the mountain as king.

Remarks: USDT mentioned in the article is experience gold or deductible gold