Lookout Think Tank: Blockchain empowers charging piles to accelerate new infrastructure

Lookout think tank published the article "Blockchain empowerment, charging pile accelerates new infrastructure". According to the article, the key is the distributed mobile digital identity sharing charging pile platform based on the blockchain, so that the utilization efficiency of the charging pile can be fully stretched and released. The car owner confirms the charging behavior and records it on the blockchain, establishing a credit system that integrates human and vehicle piles. On the one hand, it improves the efficiency of multi-party collaboration and solves the problem of difficulty for the car owner to pay. The credit system based on consumption scenarios such as parking and parking is an effective supplement to the construction of the existing credit system. With the help of blockchain technology to catalyze, empower, and lay out infrastructure, the construction of new energy vehicle charging piles will usher in a rare opportunity to stimulate the multiplier effect, and to some extent, support the entire new infrastructure.