China Financial Information Network released the list of the top 10 domestic blockchain financing in April 2020

On April 10, China Financial Information Network and Einiu Data jointly released the list of top 10 domestic first-tier blockchain project financing in April 2020. From the list, domestic blockchain project financing in April 2020 is gradually active, which is consistent with the recovery of the primary market financing trend. Weekly monitoring data show that the first week of April (March 30 to April 5) the primary market investment and financing events hit the most domestic disclosure investment and financing events since 2019. From the list, the financing project segment has a wider field, and the projects on the list are distributed in seven different fields. Among them, the application of blockchain in financial facilities, mining machine research and development and insurance services has attracted more attention from investment institutions. Judging from the continuously released list, China's blockchain industry has gradually recovered and the market vitality has increased. Finance-related fields are still the focus of blockchain technology research and development. The research and development of general financial infrastructure is of great significance. The market imagination is huge, but the difficulty is also great. Similar to the application in specific insurance business scenarios, it is less difficult to implement and is more suitable for start-up projects as the first choice.