Computing Power Think Tank: Blockchain has shown great potential in restructuring the underlying infrastructure in the financial industry

The computing power think tank recently released the "Report on the Application of Blockchain Financial Scenarios in the Digital Economy Era". According to the report, under the wave of the digital economy, more and more traditional financial institutions have begun to attach importance to financial technology and use emerging technologies as a financial innovation. Mainly grasp the hand and seek transformation from the three perspectives of information, credit and risk. From the perspective of industrial blockchain, blockchain has shown great potential in the financial industry to reconstruct industry logic and underlying infrastructure. The external manifestation of finance is the circulation of value, and there is a natural fit with the "value Internet" of blockchain technology. The report also pointed out that the current application of "blockchain + finance" is more in the form of alliance chains, focusing on small-scale exploration in areas such as payment and settlement. Before real landing, it also needs to face financial supervision, business models, and risks Management and technical security challenges, so the exploration of blockchain in the financial field is still at an early stage. The report summarizes the overall development trend of the application of the “Blockchain + Finance” scenario in 2020, optimistic about the three major development opportunities: First, as the core technology of financial infrastructure upgrade, the growth rate of financial institutions' investment in it is expected to be higher than other Fintech; secondly, the data security of financial scenarios will force the rapid development of privacy computing technology; third, in large-scale enterprise-level applications, the BaaS platform will be used as an infrastructure for the promotion of blockchain on financial institutions Important role.