General Education Research Institute: Facebook will face "multi-faceted attack" from traditional finance and mobile payment

On May 5th, the Tongxuetong Research Institute published a weekly report on the blockchain of the "Libra" project. The report said that transition payments and e-commerce will be the only way out for Facebook. Facebook hopes that blockchain-based payment services will generate new financial services revenues and attract more brands to advertise on Facebook. Facebook will face “multi-faceted attacks” from traditional finance and mobile payments, which may be the first to be promoted in emerging economies. The total market value of digital passes this week was $185.26 billion, an increase of 8.4% from last week's increase of $14.3 billion. Average daily volume was US$45.05 billion, down 7.7% from last week. The average daily turnover was 25.7%, down 1.9% from last week. This round of rising prices has entered the fishtail stage, and there is a certain risk of callback, but the medium and long-term optimistic BTC breakthrough of 6000 US dollars.