BitMEX CEO: BTC may re-test the $ 3000 range

BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes and a trader aliased "Crypto Capo" both predicted that the price of Bitcoin will drop to more than $ 3,000 in early 2020. In the near future, both of them expect Bitcoin to test the $ 3,000 area again. Arthur Hayes said in a recent BitMEX Crypto Trader Digest letter that as the U.S. stock market drops again, all asset classes may “take up”, leading to a correction in Bitcoin prices. In the short term, Arthur Hayes expects a correction in the US stock market after a clear strong rebound at the end of March. He explained: "Bitcoin will be unleveraged. The price can definitely be retested at $ 3,000. With the S & P 500 index falling and a 2000-point test, all asset classes are expected to collapse again. Just like the first quarter assets The value plunge is just as dramatic, we have nearly 100 years of imbalance to break the old system. "