Yasha Holdings helps small and medium-sized enterprises to restore cash flow through Zheshang Bank's blockchain receivable chain platform

Yasha Holding Company (002375.SZ) recently extended a helping hand to a large number of small and medium-sized building material suppliers and construction units in its upstream and downstream through the Zheshang Bank receivable chain platform. The receivable chain platform provided by Zheshang Bank is built by the bank using blockchain technology, which fully utilizes the credible, non-tamperable and traceable blockchain technical characteristics of information sharing, and will settle the receivable accounts in the supply chain The funds will be transformed into efficient and safe blockchain receivables and revitalized. When Yasha Holdings and its subsidiaries purchase from upstream suppliers, they will pay for the goods by issuing blockchain receivables online. After the latter receives the blockchain receivable, it can be transferred online to Zheshang Bank in real time to obtain liquid funds. During the epidemic, Yaxia Holdings has issued blockchain receivables to 23 upstream suppliers.