China Business News: Interactive and easy to "talk" on the blockchain, digital knowledge technology digital currency business becomes a mystery

A few days ago, the reporter found on the interactive platform that the main big data service and communications industry, Digital Technology (300038.SZ) has repeatedly stated that it has digital currency related products, and completed the construction of big data platform based on blockchain technology. As of now, the digital currency of the central bank of our country has not been issued yet. Why do digital digital products of Digital Knowledge Technology go first? The reporter verified the relevant response on the interactive exchange with Shuzhi Technology. The other party only said, "The company is about to disclose the annual report, and it is inconvenient to reply in the sensitive period." The sudden drop in net profit, the recent performance forecast shows that the first quarter of 2020 is expected to decline by 50% to 80% year-on-year. What is the practical application and layout of the company's blockchain? It is still unknown that Shuzhi Technology did not respond positively to reporters. In addition, while expressing the layout of blockchain and digital currency to investors, Shuzhi Technology is faced with the situation that the actual control person retreats and the huge amount of goodwill is suspended. Under the company's positive background, the actual controller and the company's controlling shareholder are retreating step by step.