Report: 0x v3 protocol upgrade directly stimulated its liquidity supply

The Block released a report saying that the redesign of ZRX directly stimulated the supply of liquidity and ensured that the tokens were held by those who invested the most in the future sustainability of the 0x protocol. Since the release of the 0x v3 version in December 2019, market makers and their respective representatives have earned more than $ 36,000 in agreement fees, although their income has been affected by the slow migration of TokenLon and TokenTrove Inhibited. The initial data is positive, which indicates that the market maker's degree of specialization continues to increase, and rebates can be used as successful volatility and delayed hedging. According to previous news, the 0x v3 protocol upgrade was officially launched on the main network in December last year. After the upgrade, 0x added a series of new features, including ZRX mortgage and powerful bridge engagement. With the added liquidity bridging function, 0x can aggregate liquidity in other DEX networks including Kyber, Uniswap and Oasis in addition to 0x. The new ZRX mortgage mechanism grants the agreement 0x market maker (MM) ownership and encourages participation in governance by giving MM rewards (in ETH units) and additional voting rights to provide liquidity. Each ZRX holder can also earn more benefits by delegating tokens to the MM pool. At the same time, 0x provides a single integrated endpoint 0x API, which simplifies the use of on-chain and off-chain liquidity development experience.