Beijing's first batch of "Supervision Sandbox" shortlisted projects have been put into production

At the end of March, the Beijing Financial Supervision Bureau issued an announcement saying that it has recently launched the second phase of innovation application projects for financial technology innovation supervision. At present, the first batch of "supervisory sandbox" shortlisted projects have been officially put into production and started to operate one after another. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China "Internet of Things-based traceability certification management and supply chain finance" is one of them. The relevant person in charge of the ICBC Financial Technology Department said that the bank's IoT-based supply chain financial application is the first independent Internet of Things platform developed by the financial industry and an area with independent intellectual property rights that has passed the national trusted blockchain evaluation The blockchain technology platform conducts research and development to ensure the safety and reliability of information collection, transmission and storage, prevent data from being tampered or obtained by unauthorized parties, and apply anti-tampering NFC chip technology to ensure the use of traceable media and high technical security.