Monthly News | Bitcoin prices have risen sharply, is the bull market coming?

Since 2019, bitcoin has risen sharply, with a cumulative increase of more than 40%, approaching the pressure of 6,000 US dollars. Many investors have exclaimed that "the cow is coming"; but some analysts said that this is just a wave of bottoming out. Is not sustainable.

Gikee analyzes the data from the chain. Is the second round of bitcoin rebounding a "real cow" or a "fake cow"?

1. Circulation market value

Up to now, the market capitalization of Bitcoin: 102.47 billion US dollars, 694.573 billion yuan, total circulation of 17.6792 million, circulation rate 84.19%, accounting for 55.32% of the global market value of digital currency.

2. Secondary market

This month, the price of Bitcoin rose sharply, with a high value of $5545.65 and a minimum of $4108.13, down 35.12% from last year and up 16.25% from the previous month. The overall market began to pick up.

3. Account status

The total account of Bitcoin rose steadily, from 495 million to 505 million, an increase of about 10 million, up 2.18% from the previous month and up 28.81% from last year. The number of active accounts this week was 12.732 million, an increase of 658,300 from the previous month. , up 5.45% , up 3.43% year-on-year; the number of participating users this month was 1967.69 million, an increase of 893,400 over the previous month, up 4.76%, up 6.82% year-on-year; this month, the new account was 9,336,900, an increase of 65.37 over the previous month. Ten thousand, up 7.73% , up 9.25% year-on-year.

4, transaction data

Bitcoin traded a total of 9,536,800 last month, an increase of 349,200 over the previous month, an increase of 3.80%, down 20.61% year-on-year; the volume of transactions on the chain this month was 2012.73 million; an increase of 1,148,700 over the previous month, an increase of 7.58 %, down 15.79% year-on-year; the transaction amount was 115.168 billion US dollars, an increase of 7.915 billion US dollars from last week, an increase of 7.34%, down 16.89% from last year.

5, the power situation

Bitcoin's total network computing power was 48.61EH/s, up 3.31EH/s from the previous month, up 7.31% , up 64% year-on-year, and gained a large increase.

6, rich list

Up to now, the top 10 of the Bitcoin Rich List, holding a total of 1,407,900 bitcoins, accounting for 4.99%, down 0.45% from the previous month, equivalent to $6.072 billion.

On the whole, the price of bitcoin has risen sharply this month. At the same time, the data on the chain, including the number of accounts and the transaction amount, have seen a large increase in the chain, and the computing power has also increased significantly. The overall data matches the price .

However, compared with last year's data, there is still a big gap, indicating that there is a big gap between the activity and the bull market . It is necessary to continue observation to confirm whether the "bull market" is really coming. In the investment strategy, we must remain cautious.

In the long run, Bitcoin is booming, the number of accounts is growing, and the activity is constantly improving. Many indicators are close to the level of the bull market, and the market outlook is expected.

Source: Gikee Blockchain