The hardware wallet is upgraded again, Cobo joins hands with Chain Node and Chain Store to officially release a new generation of products

On the afternoon of April 10th, Cobo Wallet, in conjunction with ChainNode, and Zuozuo Mall, successfully held the "Cobo 2nd Generation Hardware Wallet Product Launch Conference."

Cobo is one of the top digital currency wallet brands in China. It was co-founded by F2Pool founder Shenyu (Mao Shixing) and former currency bank founder Jiang Changhao in November 2017. It has completed seed round financing and tens of millions of dollars Pre-A Round financing and $ 13 million Series A financing.

On October 18, 2018, Cobo launched the first hardware wallet product-Cobo Treasury. Cobo Treasury is known as a hardware cold wallet that reaches the level of military security. After more than a year, Cobo Treasury launched the second-generation hardware wallet product, which has been improved in terms of security, durability and ease of use.

This online conference is divided into three links:

One is the new product release of Cobo's second-generation hardware wallet;

Second, a round table forum with the theme of wallets;

The third is the unpacking evaluation of the new wallet.

new product release

In the new product release, the keynote speaker is Liu Lixin, the person in charge of the Cobo hardware business line. He is the man behind the "Cobo Treasury Shopkeeper" on Weibo, devoted to the knowledge of popular science wallets. Under his guidance, this press conference has also become a popular press conference.

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"Why use hardware wallets for hoarding coins?" At the beginning of the live broadcast, Liu Lixin issued a soul torture. "More than 90% of users are willing to store coins in the exchange. Anyway, there are not many coins and they are kept. However, the exchange hoard The currency itself is a pseudo-proposition. The first reason is that the exchange is more vulnerable to attacks; the second is the risk of trading all the roads; the third is that the exchange stimulates you to do transactions in various ways, as long as you start trading, your coins will be There will be losses. "

If you don't need an exchange to hoard coins, then a wallet is obviously a better choice. We generally divide wallets into two categories, one is HD (Layered Deterministic) wallets and the other is hardware wallets. The difference between the two is "whether the private key is off-net". Liu Lixin explained the basic principle of hardware wallet "private key off-line":

In general, the hardware wallet system includes a cold end and a hot end. The cold end is the hardware itself, which is responsible for storing the private key and signing the private key. When the cold end is not working, it is off-line. When working, it is connected to the hot end through USB or Bluetooth. The hot end is an application on the web side, which is responsible for saving the address. After the cold end signs with the private key, it is transmitted to the hot end for broadcasting.

"Since the private key needs to be disconnected from the Internet, why not take it a little more thoroughly?" He further pointed out the three characteristics of the Cobo vault. "One is to use two-dimensional codes to realize the data transmission between the hot and cold ends; the other is to use EAL 5 + Bank-level security chip, used to generate true random numbers; third, the security chip has been open source, private key derivation and signature are completed in the security chip. "

Subsequently, Liu Lixin officially introduced the new Cobo second-generation hardware wallet, which is divided into two models: the standard version and the professional version.

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Standard version: It is suitable for low frequency use, such as fixed investment and coin hoarding users, the frequency of use is low, and it may only be operated once every few months. In order to meet the requirements of these users for the stability of hardware wallets, the standard version uses four AAA batteries for power supply.

Professional version: It is suitable for high frequency use. In addition to being powered by a AAA battery, it is also equipped with a rechargeable lithium battery, which is convenient for users to use repeatedly at high frequency. The other is the fingerprint module, so you do n’t have to worry about the password being captured by the surveillance camera. In addition, there is a self-destructive mechanism for disassembly. If the hardware wallet is stolen or lost, and the other party carries out a physical attack (bypass attack), the professional version will sense the disassembly operation and erase all private key data by itself.

Round Table Forum

The round table session was hosted by Jun Yao, the host of the chain node live room. Liu Lixin, Cobo co-founder and CEO Shenyu, Chain node CEO Qu Zhaoxiang, independent investor Chen William and other guests participated in sharing their experience in hoarding coins. Experience. The following is a selection of the contents of the round table:

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Junyao: How do you hoard coins? What are the main focuses?

William: Most of my coins are placed in soft wallets. Now the products of domestic wallet manufacturers are quite good. For money hoarders, there is no need to worry too much about security issues, mainly because they will forget the password or Forgot where to put it.

Godfish: We will grade the wallets for different scenarios , large assets will be placed in hardware wallets, and rarely will be operated. For low-to-medium frequency transfer requirements, a warm wallet security scheme will be used. For example, whitelists, users can only transfer to specific wallets; for small high-frequency transfer needs, they will be placed in hot wallets or online wallets. These three methods can basically meet the needs of high frequency, intermediate frequency and low frequency, and can ensure the safety of assets.

Liu Lixin: The warm wallet is a very good protection mechanism, and the Cobo vault will also launch a whitelist function. In addition, I share a way to save the mnemonic. He is a friend of mine. He encrypted the mnemonic with AES, and then put this key in a titanium alloy capsule and implanted it in his hand . In addition, he divided the encrypted results into N pieces and scattered them all over the world. If you want to crack it, you must first steal some of these shards, and then cut off his hand, get the capsule and take out the key. Junyao: What should ordinary holders pay attention to?

Qu Zhaoxiang: One is to keep the password well. I use a more reliable password management tool . Now I use 1password. I will consider using the open source key tool KeePass later. The second is to make good backups of mnemonic words. If the backups can be stored in different physical locations, the overall security is much higher.

Liu Lixin: I suggest that hoarders should think about the underlying logic , such as researching bitcoin transfers, isolation verification, and multi-signature. Many users are willing to believe in the slogan of the wallet manufacturer without thinking for themselves, which is a bad thinking habit. You should think about what kind of hoarding method suits you and what kind of attacks you might face.

Shenyu: I add a point of view, that is, don't trust people's memory excessively. One night, I stepped on a skateboard at home and then fell. When my head was sober, I couldn't remember what the mnemonic word was, and I went to the hospital for a checkup. Fortunately, the mnemonic has backups in many places, so the ending is not so tragic. This incident made me realize that I cannot rely too much on my memory. Junyao: Give advice to coin hoarders.

Qu Zhaoxiang: I think that hoarding money can be regarded as an investment philosophy and a way of life . Since it is a hoard of coins, it is necessary to prepare for a long period of immobility. For practitioners, enrich their knowledge of blockchain; for non- practitioners, it is simple to work well.

Godfish: For ordinary people, this year we must improve their ability to earn fiat currency, so as to ensure the safety of hoarding coins. In the state of chaotic external environment, we still have to fully recognize the risks and protect our daily life, and don't affect our lives because of some investment mistakes or excessive behavior.

William: I do n’t think for people who hoard coins, they do n’t care too much about the price fluctuations. If you want to hoard coins, it ’s important to figure out why and how long to hoard, and then do n’t shake this idea.

Liu Lixin : Why do I hoard bitcoin? Because I think that Bitcoin is a decentralized way to hedge the risks of a centralized world. So no matter whether I am rich or poor, no matter whether the price of the currency rises or falls, I will add a part of bitcoin to the allocation of household assets. Why can I hold it? I ’m not afraid of everyone ’s jokes. When the currency price goes up, I ’m the gold standard, and when it goes down, it ’s the currency standard. I adjust my mindset in this way.

Unpacking evaluation

In the unpacking evaluation, Qu Zhaoxiang is responsible for the unpacking experience on the spot, and Liu Lixin will give an auxiliary explanation.

The product of this unboxing experience is Cobo Treasury (Professional Edition), which contains a hardware wallet, lithium battery, AAA battery slot, charging cable, warranty card, user guide, mnemonic backup card, TF card ejector and many more. In appearance, the hardware wallet is a 4-inch large screen, the camera scheme is used on the back, the only physical interface, and the fingerprint function is added.

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Press and hold the power button for 5 seconds, select the system language, and then verify the official website, create an import wallet, password settings, and synchronize mobile terminals.

In the process of receiving and issuing coins, the hot end initiates a transaction, fills in the transaction information, clicks "Send" to generate the transaction QR code, the cold end scans the QR code for signature, generates the signature transaction QR code, and finally the hot end scans the cold Sign the QR code at the end to broadcast the transaction.

Live video playback:

If you are interested in Cobo's second-generation hardware wallet, you can pay attention to the chain store, from April 11 to April 20, you can enjoy the discount, link: