SMIC may enter the mining machine for the first time and cooperate with Jianan to ship Q2

According to Wu's blockchain news, SMIC, the largest chip manufacturer in mainland China, may use its products for the first time in cryptocurrency mining machines that are mass-produced and shipped. It is reported that the 14nm mining machine chip cooperated by SMIC and Jianan Technology has completed testing and will be mass-produced and shipped in the second quarter of this year. The specific chip type or a certain small currency miner.

SMIC is an integrated circuit manufacturing enterprise group with the most advanced technology, the most complete support, the largest scale, and multinational operations in mainland China. It has fabs in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Jiangyin. The highest chip process currently available is 14nm, it is expected to start trial production of 7nm in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to industry insiders, this is not the first time SMIC has attempted to enter the field of mining machines. At the beginning of 18, SMIC had cooperated with celebrities in the Dongguan currency circle. However, due to the sharp decline in bitcoin prices, which led to the withdrawal of investors. No mass production. SMIC has been actively entering the mining machine industry, and has cooperated with other mining machine manufacturers, but there is no main production model.