Opinion: Bitcoin will be stable for a long time and make the currency price reach 100,000 US dollars

According to The Daily Hodl, cryptocurrency analyst Nicholas Merten recently stated that he believes that Bitcoin will be on a solid track for a long time, which will bring the price of Bitcoin to $ 100,000. He provided two key fundamental catalysts that could push Bitcoin to $ 100,000. Nicholas Merten said: "We haven't even seen the economic consequences of the halving event, and the continuing macro environment has become more panic. These are things that can promote the value of Bitcoin. I think that in this case, 100,000 The US dollar is quite reasonable. The market value of Bitcoin is more than 1 trillion US dollars, which is relatively reasonable in such an environment, because as we enter a longer bear market through the potential depression, there are funds from global bonds, global currencies, Stock or real estate markets flee. "Although the future of the global economy is uncertain, Nicholas Merten said that in the long run, as investors turn their attention to assets with a fixed money supply other than stocks, the Fed ’s intervention in the economy It will get bigger and bigger and Bitcoin will benefit from it.