Gavin Wood: Will continue to promote the PoA main network PoA release and initial transfer to NPoS

On April 10, Polkadot founder Gavin Wood stated that in the past few weeks, we have been closely following the progress of COVID-19 through the community. In view of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, we will reassess the timing of any sales, which in turn may affect the timing of the DOT transfer function, which is determined by the referendum on governance and voting. In other words, we see no reason why we cannot advance the PoA release of the Polkadot mainnet candidate chain (that is, the potential Genesis chain specification). Therefore, once the technology and audit are completed, we will release and carry out the initial transfer to NPOS. (Note: Gavin had made similar remarks in the community in mid-March.) He said that the release of the Polkadot mainnet candidate chain will follow the same release process as Kusama, but there are some slight differences. We will not abandon the Sudo module early in the process to give control to the DOT holders, but may wait for DOT distribution sales to further decentralize the network, and then abandon the Sudo module according to the applicable rules and regulations at our operating locations. Subsequently, the network will be completely decentralized, and the tokens will be released once the entire network governance vote is passed.