sheknows live broadcast | Li Ming: The current scene is far-fetched and fails to maximize the value of blockchain

On the evening of April 11, Babbitt Sheknows held an online interview on the theme of "Data formally incorporated into production factors, and how the blockchain meets the great changes of the times." Li Ming, Director of Blockchain Research Office of China Electronics Technology Standardization Research Institute, asked about "The Opinions mentioned the application of big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies in the factor market, and the absence of blockchain" It said that there is still a lot of room for development in blockchain technology, and there is no sufficient basic scientific theory to support it. It is necessary to further improve the componentization, interoperability and other technical systems, closed-loop service systems, supervision and auditing and other ecological systems. At the same time, it is necessary to further find the real business scenario. The current scenario is far-fetched and fails to maximize the value of the blockchain.

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