sheknows live broadcast | Gao Hang: 330 Opinions is a milestone event with epoch-making significance

On the evening of April 11, Babbitt Sheknows held an online interview on the theme of "Data formally incorporated into production factors, and how the blockchain meets the great changes of the times." Gao Qin, chairman of Shuqin Technology, said that the 330 opinion is a milestone event. This is a document of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. It is not an office or an opinion issued by a certain ministry. He represents the national policy. Guiding opinions on the three-year action to win the battle against poverty and deepen the reform of state-owned enterprises in 2015. This is a national policy and a major event in the history of the digital economy industry. Like the 1024 blockchain speech, I think these events will prove in the future that its historical status will be as epoch-making as the information highway plan proposed by the Clinton government in 1993.

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