sheknows live broadcast | Meng Yan: Blockchain large-scale application will not appear soon

On the evening of April 11, Babbitt Sheknows held an online interview on the theme of "Data formally incorporated into production factors, and how the blockchain meets the great changes of the times." Meng Yan, deputy dean of the Digital Asset Research Institute, said that “large-scale applications” will not appear soon because there are too many things to be studied and adjusted theoretically, technically and mechanically. Over the past decade, big data and cloud computing have achieved great development, but big data transactions have not been successful. There are still many deep-seated problems, and not all can be solved when they encounter blockchain. But in general, the blockchain provides the most reliable and lowest-cost infrastructure to date for the capitalization of data, so if we remain patient and solve the problem seriously, we will see the blockchain develop greatly.