Global Printing: The company will promote the development and application of blockchain technology in the field of medical traceability

Global Printing (002799.SZ) pointed out in the 2019 annual report that the company follows the national technology development strategy and explores the "blockchain" field. At present, the policy system for the development of the blockchain industry is gradually improved, and governments around the world are actively positioning blockchain technology from the industry's height. The blockchain technology has risen to the level of national science and technology strategy. With the comprehensive and in-depth advancement of the drug traceability system, the company established a new company in cooperation with Beijing Eslite, aiming to fully utilize the platform advantages, resource advantages, technical advantages and experience advantages of both shareholders in professional manufacturing and blockchain technology. The development and application of blockchain technology in the fields of medicine traceability, pharmaceutical logistics, consumer safety medication, medical insurance control fees, supply chain platform, etc., jointly cultivate and create a new generation of blockchain technology products and services.