Report: March CME and Bakkt bitcoin futures trading volume fell sharply

According to The Block, the daily trading volume of bitcoin futures for CME Group and Bakkt fell sharply in March. Research shows that the average daily trading volume of CME fell by more than 50% to US $ 242 million in March, compared with US $ 493 million in February. On the other hand, Bakkt's average daily trading volume fell by 38.7% in March, from $ 26.94 million to $ 16.51 million in February. In addition, the open contracts in March also declined month-on-month. Since reaching a record high of US $ 338 million on February 14, CME ’s open positions in March decreased to US $ 127 million; and after reaching a record high of US $ 19 million on February 14, Bakkt ’s open positions have Fell to $ 4.6 million.