Twitter Featured: Buffett calls Bitcoin a gambling tool; Singapore will issue a blockchain diploma


Buffett said that Bitcoin is a gambling tool. What do people think about it?

Reason: At the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders' Meeting on May 4th, Buffett talked about Bitcoin again and said Bitcoin is a gambling tool with many frauds.

In this regard, the big V of the currency circle has commented on this, let's see what they say?

Morgan Creek co-founder Pomp:

Buffett is afraid of bitcoin.

Bitcoin will destroy the entire system, which gives Buffett the system to create the most wealth ever.

However, every great empire will collapse, and Bitcoin will bring some people the wealth that even Buffett admires.

Look at multiple bitcoins.

Crypt currency lover Vivek:

Most of Buffett’s portfolio has banks around the world. Buffett has a $30 billion stake in the bank.

We should not be surprised that Buffett’s criticism of the fully transparent decentralized payment network (referred to here as Bitcoin).

Look at the multi-bitcoin and look at the empty bank.


Buffett’s investment in financial institutions by the end of 2017:

Wells Fargo, $29.28 billion

Bank of America, $20.66 billion

American Express, $15.06 billion

He has countless reasons to spread the bitcoin's FUD (note: FUD is afraid, uncertain, questioning the abbreviation of these three English words) to protect their wealth.

Don't worry, just buy Bitcoin.


Singapore high school graduates will receive a blockchain diploma

According to, Singapore high school graduates will receive a digital certificate from this year. It uses blockchain technology to prove qualifications in a “simple and reliable way” through tamper-free certification.

Yuan Chang CEO Zhao Changpeng retweet and comment:

This generation (referring to students) is a blockchain aboriginal.

Do you think you are a blockchain aboriginal, an Internet aboriginal, or a telephone aboriginal, mailing the era of aborigines?

Ladies and gentlemen, let us think about it.

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2. The chairman of the Japanese financial giant SBI Group and CEO Yoshitaka joined the Ripple Board of Directors.

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