Huobi publishes cross-platform OTC transaction risk warning

According to the official announcement, Huobi Global issued a cross-platform OTC transaction risk warning, saying that there are a few users in the digital asset OTC market that conduct "cross-platform brick arbitrage" or "purchase on behalf of others", leading to other platforms or off-site group revenue The funds flowed into Huobi users have high security risks, and the platform will further increase risk control and disposal. There are clear rules for the above behavior, such as: multiple face recognition, delayed withdrawal, anti-money laundering data review and other measures. If the risk control system recognizes that the above behavior is an advertiser or is linked to an advertiser's account, we will also take measures such as disabling transactions and disqualifying the advertiser. If this situation causes other users' asset problems, we will not rule out the direct activation of guaranteed assets in the future Make compensation and other measures.