Viewpoint: The existing incentive mechanism of the Bitcoin mining ecosystem may lead to centralization

BitTorrent founder Bram Cohen talked about the evolution of Bitcoin and the mining ecosystem behind it in the latest episode of the podcast. Cohen emphasized that Bitcoin can always develop into something better: "Bitcoin is not the end of the road, it is close. It is very difficult to improve Bitcoin." He hinted that Bitcoin, as a cryptocurrency, has been designed very well Okay, very close to perfect. However, Cohen pointed out that based on the performance of the past decade, there are still many improvements in Bitcoin in the future: "Bitcoin has two important aspects: first, the consensus algorithm; second, the on-chain programming environment. In Bitcoin In the field, these are two different issues. "Cohen then emphasized that in the Bitcoin mining ecosystem, there is an incentive mechanism to introduce increasingly powerful hardware to keep the network running, and this will lead to centralization.