Babbitt's exclusive review of 98 new three-board company annual reports, found that the company layout blockchain 6 features

At the beginning of 2018, the blockchain's heat was on the rise, and the companies of the New Third Board had “touched the chain”.

According to media incomplete statistics, from January to March 2018, at least 19 companies issued announcements involving blockchains. If the time is stretched, from March 2016 to March 2018, this number is as many as 98.

After three years of accumulation, how are these companies making progress in the blockchain business? As the annual report closes, Babbitt has done a comprehensive scan of these companies. Through the search for the number of "blockchain" keywords in the annual report, a glimpse of the advancement of each company in the blockchain technology and application. Happening.

In the statistics, we found that: 1) 29 companies have terminated the equity transfer and have stopped publishing the 2018 annual report. 2) The 318 annual reports have not been completed due to the inability of the company to pay the annual audit fees or the details related to the accounting firm's communication, and the annual report cannot be disclosed on time. 3) The announcements of the two companies were postponed until April 28, and they have all been “lost”.

Excluding the above 34, there are 64.

Among the 64 companies, the situation is as follows: 1) There are 30 companies that mentioned or further laid out blockchain technology in the 2018 annual report, compared with 41 in the 2017 annual report, the number is 11 fewer. 2) Of the 30 companies, 25 have mentioned the blockchain in the annual report for two consecutive years, and six have mentioned the blockchain in the annual report for the first time. 3) Of the 41 companies in the 2017 annual report that mentioned the blockchain, 16 did not mention the blockchain in the 2018 annual report.

Below, we refer to the blockchain for 1 consecutive years; 2 mention the blockchain for the first time; 3 no longer mention the blockchain, these three perspectives.

Two consecutive years to mention the blockchain: 25

The 25 companies are : Taiyi Yun, Ju Chain Group, Extreme Network, Ziyun, Current Shares, Giant Information, Oracle, Youxuan Software, Shanda Diwei, Huiyuan Technology, Internet, Feng Ruixiang, Zhongke Soft, Rongxintong, Tangren Technology, Teng Ruiming, UF Finance, Huada Tianyuan, Yihang Internet, Lifeng Intelligent, Star Cube, Gao Li Kaiyuan, Qi Chain Technology, Hongqiao Zhigu, Rui Xun.

New three board blockchain 1

According to the statistics above, Babbitt found that Taiyi Cloud mentioned the blockchain in the financial report for two consecutive years. It is the company that mentioned the “blockchain” in the 2018 annual report. The total number is 134, which is the second and the first. The sum of the three.

So high-profile propaganda blockchain, what is the result?

According to the Taiyi Cloud Annual Report, Taiyi Cloud has developed a Taiyi Trusted Blockchain Architecture and Application System with independent intellectual property rights, including: Taiyi Superconducting Network, Taiyi Smart Contract, Taiyi Consensus Mechanism, Taiyi Security Mechanism, Trusted Authentication, Taiyi Financial infrastructure, etc. These technologies have been applied in the fields of copyright, food, transportation, supply chain, medical care, public welfare, identification, tourism, energy, government, and gaming.

Taiyiyun's sales revenue mainly comes from blockchain technology development, application, service revenue, technology consulting revenue, and technology licensing revenue. The operating income in 2018 was 35.215 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 6.90%. However, the net profit attributable to the listed company's shareholders was -328.82 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 75.19%.

In fact, Taiyi Cloud, as the new three-board company that laid out the blockchain earlier in China, has gradually adopted the blockchain as its main business after taking over in May 2016. According to the annual report, Taiyiyun's revenue from blockchain technology revenue in the current period in 2016-2018 is: 46.06%, 50.11%, and 94.81%.

It can be said that Taiyi Cloud is currently the most pure blockchain concept stock in the New Third Board. However, in three years, the revenue was almost in place, and the net profit fell all the way.

New three board blockchain 2

(Taiyiyun's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

What is the progress of other companies?

Babbitt checked the earnings of the remaining 24 companies one by one, as follows:

Poly Chain Group : This was originally a company that applied for application delivery. It was bought by Li Lin in February 2016 and changed its name to Caimao Network. At the end of 2017, Zhang Shousong acquired through the secondary market and became the company's largest shareholder. It is also in this year that the blockchain first appeared in the company's annual report, and plans to carry out technical consulting, training services and other related businesses in the blockchain field.

In 2018, the Chain Group completed a 180-degree strategic transformation, completely withdrawing from the application delivery field, all in the blockchain, engaged in blockchain industry research and application exploration, blockchain technology development, blockchain industry incubation and block Chain business services and other related businesses. Relying on the blockchain business, the chain company's revenue in 2018 was 966,000 yuan, accounting for 100% of the company's operating income.

New three board blockchain 3

(Gathering Group's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

Extreme Network : The company's original main business is Internet advertising marketing. In the 2017 annual report, the blockchain was first written into the annual report.

The Extreme Network was full of confidence at the time, saying:

“In the future, the company will combine blockchain technology with existing precision marketing technology resources and strengths to explore data storage, analysis, security, circulation and open sharing.”

What is surprising is that the main business of Extreme Yuan in 2018 was changed to software development, which means that the flag of “blockchain + precision marketing” established in 2017 became an empty talk.

Fortunately, the limit network did not give up the blockchain, and the 2018 report gave the blockchain quite a bit of position.

However, Babbitt found that the extreme network embraces the pose of the blockchain is a bit problematic .

The Extreme Network announced on June 29, 2018 that it has signed the "Intermediary Chain Eco-Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the Trusted Internet (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Trusted Interconnect), indicating that the two parties will jointly find a suitable development on the TTT main chain. Applications, etc.

Trusted in the Internet, it may sound strange to everyone, this is originally a serious company to do the alliance chain. But if you say TrustNote, the people in the currency circle, no one knows no one knows. In August 2018, the "founder live running" event in the currency circle happened on this project, and the currency circle was in vain.

TrustNote is an ICO project initiated by the Trusted Internet at the end of 2017. It is claimed to be the world's first DAG public chain to support mining, and the project token is referred to as TTT.

With the cooperation of such a wonderful company, the vision of the extreme network is not unique.

Externally, I met a non-reliable partner. Internally, the limit network's investment in blockchain technology has not been so publicized.

Babbitt found from the annual report that the ultimate network spending on technology investment in 2018 was 819,900 yuan, accounting for 2.44% of the current revenue, while the research and development expenditure in 2017 was 5,932,700 yuan, accounting for 4.39% of the current revenue. The number of R&D personnel has dropped from 24 in 2017 to 7 in 2018.

Let's calculate the account, 7 people corresponding to 8.119 million yuan, the average annual salary of each technical and technical personnel is 115,900 yuan.

In fact, there is not so much. Babbitt further consulted the financial report and found that the salary paid by the extreme network to the R&D personnel was 732,200 yuan. This means that each employee's monthly salary is only 8716.67 yuan.

New three board blockchain 4

Moreover, the office of these employees is located in Shanghai, one of the financial centers of the country.

New three board blockchain 5

According to this price calculation, the situation of the blockchain talents in the first two years is hard to find, and it has become a bright future.

Or it can be said that there are Tesla employees in foreign countries "making cars with love", and there is a limit network in China that "uses blockchains with love."

What have these 7 people developed? Also mentioned in the annual report are: block-based fund share deposit management system, distributed transaction core matching system, Internet advertising big data center application development, API interface security system software, blockchain security system software.

Three of the above five R&D projects involve blockchains, but they are all related to the transaction and custody of tokens, and they do not benefit the entity industry.

The annual report further pointed out that the company has formed a series of self-developed products such as blockchain deposit certificate system, blockchain deposit certificate trading system, blockchain-based exchange system, and blockchain charity project management system.

How is the product sold? The annual report did not say that the performance that has been declining year by year is a fact.

New three board blockchain 6

(The ultimate network revenue and profit situation in the past 3 years)

Ziyun shares : This company was originally a SaaS service provider. In 2017, it began to use blockchain technology as a new direction of strategic transformation.

According to the annual report, on the basis of the original products, Ziyun shares reconstructed the food and drug marketing service system based on the blockchain technology and the traceability of food and drug. The main products are as follows:

New three board blockchain 7

The annual report shows that Ziyun has led the establishment of the food and drug industry blockchain alliance in the direction of food and drug traceability, and has begun to generate operating income in the direction of smart logistics and food and drug safety.

Ziyun shares did not disclose the specific income from the blockchain technology, but said that the new business is still in the early stage of development, although it has begun to generate operating income, but the scale is not large.

New three board blockchain 8

(Ziyun shares nearly three years of revenue and profit situation)

Current shares : The company's main business is the technical development and services of financial payment software products. In February 2017, it now pays 6 million yuan to invest in the secret technology, officially entered the blockchain, and began to develop the blockchain system.

According to the annual report, from 2017 to 2018, the cost of investing in the development of the blockchain system has now exceeded 6 million yuan, but the capitalization is zero. This is likely to indicate that the technical input on the blockchain has not translated into actual benefits . In addition, the blockchain products of the company's R&D are now: blockchain small-small APP, blockchain trade finance platform, and the total R&D expenses of the two companies exceeds 2.28 million yuan.

In addition, the stock has also submitted 11 blockchain-related invention patent applications, and also joined China Trusted Blockchain Alliance and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance to promote blockchain technology research and industry with real money and actual actions. Application landing.

Now the financial indicators of the shares are much better than the previous ones. Even if the revenue in 2018 declines year-on-year, the proportion of R&D expenditure to revenue is still rising.

New three board blockchain 9

(Now the company's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

Giant Spirit Information : The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, sales and technical services of enterprise information application software. The 2017 annual report began to mention the blockchain for the first time, and the promotion and application of blockchain technology has also been added to the main business.

In August 2017, the "12 Zodiac" developed by Juling Information began to be capitalized. This is a pet placement game based on blockchain technology. The blockchain technology is used to embed the artist's original works in the game scene. While enjoying the entertainment, the user can enjoy the works of well-known artists and can purchase the original works of the artist through the game platform.

At present, this blockchain game has been researched and developed, with a total investment of 4.39 million yuan. In 2017-2018, Juling Information spent a total of more than 6.7 million yuan in research and development, 60% used in this game development.

In the 2017 Annual Report, Giant Information has significant confidence in this blockchain game, saying:

"With the launch of the "Zodiac" blockchain game developed by the company, the company's revenue structure and business model will also undergo positive changes."

However, Babbitt's annual report found that 96.77% of Juling's revenue in 2017 came from technical service fees, and by 2018 the technical service fee dropped to 59.82%, and hardware sales rose sharply from 0 in 2017 to 39.98 in 2018. %.

As for whether the hardware sales involve blockchain technology, it is not disclosed in the annual report.

New three board blockchain 10

(Gui Ling Information's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

Oracle : It is worth noting that Oracle here is Zhejiang Oracle Super Code Technology Co., Ltd., not the Oracle (Oracle), a world-renowned software company that we often hear from databases. This is a company that provides anti-counterfeiting traceability system integration, software product development, sales and service. In 2017, it began to apply blockchain technology to its original business.

According to the annual report, based on the blockchain, Oracle's products include: JGW Super Agricultural Brain Cloud Platform, "Super Code Pass Open Platform".

JGW Super Agricultural Brain Cloud Platform takes the blockchain full process traceability system as the core, and applies cloud computing, artificial intelligence, mobile Internet of Things, big data and other technologies to realize the whole process digitization of agricultural products from the field to the table. With intelligent management.

“Super Code Pass Open Platform” takes the one-to-one code digital anti-counterfeiting traceability marketing application as the core, and comprehensively uses blockchain and internet of things to create a product intelligent packaging system for brand enterprises, which helps brand protection, digital transformation and precision marketing.

Oracle particularly valued its patent capabilities and wrote in its annual report that "it is one of the few blockchain anti-counterfeit goods-controlled IoT technology companies with independent patent intellectual property rights and big data system R&D and application capabilities."

However, Babbitt did not see its disclosure of patents in the annual report. Babbitt searched for Oracle's patents from the patent data search engine SooPat and found that there is only one "anti-counterfeiting method based on random blind code correlation check". The patent was granted an invention, and it was not clear from the abstract whether the blockchain technique was utilized.

Oracle's real blockchain technology capabilities still need further observation, but at least its financial data looks good.

New three board blockchain 11

(Oracle's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

According to the official website of Oracle, Oracle is the earliest strategic partner of Alibaba's “Giant Star Program”. It is also the Jingdong Group, Suning Tesco,, Yun Farm, Amazon, China E-Commerce Association, and ASEAN Cross-border E-commerce Platform. The only or core level of partners of mainstream e-commerce service platforms at home and abroad.

Depending on the e-commerce scenario with huge traffic, Oracle's sales data will naturally not be bad.

Robust financial data and commercial blockchain technology have made Oracle a popular choice for listed companies.

On April 29th, A-share listed company Meiyingsen announced that it plans to subscribe for 311,111,000 shares of Oracle Super Code, which is not publicly issued, for 10% of its total issued share capital. Based on this calculation, Oracle's valuation is about 300 million yuan.

Youxuan Software : The company's main business is the development, production, sales and service of data security and database software products, and also provides information security solutions for customers in need.

Youxuan Software mentioned the blockchain in the 2016 financial report. The company has specially set up the blockchain division to conduct research on the two core technologies of consensus algorithm and encryption algorithm.

In the following year, Youxuan Software was in a “quiet” state on the blockchain, and no latest progress was disclosed. Until the release of the earnings report in 2018, we were able to see its progress in blockchain technology.

The annual report shows that Youxuan Software invested more than 283 million yuan in the development of the blockchain platform in FY2018. The research was approved by the preliminary acceptance.

In the same period, the total expenditure of research and development of Youxuan Software was 106 million yuan, which means that its investment in the blockchain is less than 3%. Obviously, the investment of the excellent software in the blockchain looks more tentative.

New three board blockchain 12

(Yuexue Software's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

Shanda Diwei : The company is engaged in computer software R&D, application, operation and maintenance services, and has performed well in the past three years.

There are not many public reports on the company's blockchain R&D and application. On March 30th, the National Internet Information Office released the first batch of domestic blockchain information service filing announcements, and the large-latitude chain and large-latitude chain of Shanda Diwei. The three blockchain information services of the public service platform and the Dawei Chain Digital License Public Service Platform were filed.

In terms of landing application, it is understood that Dawei Chain has realized the winding and cross-department transmission of the certification materials in the intelligent government affairs system of Jinan High-tech Zone, and successfully issued the first blockchain business license in China in September 2018.

In the research and development of blockchain technology, Babbitt discovered from the financial report that Shanda Diwei has been in the blockchain-based "Internet + Social Security" smart trusted service platform and industrial application for nearly two years (Taishan industry leading talent – Xiao Zongshui) ) Accumulated investment of 3,955,300 yuan, cumulative investment of 990,100 yuan in the research and development of the self-controllable licensed blockchain support platform and its application demonstration; in the "Internet + Social Security" smart trusted service platform based on blockchain technology and The cumulative investment in industrialization application was 731,200 yuan.

The total investment of the above is more than 560 million yuan, while the total R&D expenditure of Shanda Diwei in the past two years is 121 million yuan, and the proportion of blockchain investment is still small.

Shanda Diwei does not list the specific commercial conversion results of the above projects, but the subsidies received from the payment in the past two years have been 3.3 million yuan.

New three board blockchain 13

(Mountain land latitude nearly 3 years of revenue and profit situation)

The remaining 15 of the 24 companies have less information about the blockchain. The main points are as follows:

Huiyuan Technology : The company said it will use the innovative technology applications such as blockchain to empower B-side merchants, complete the “payment + financial technology” business layout, and effectively serve the real economy. In the blockchain technology and product development, Huiyuan Technology has completed projects: Blockchain Depository System V1.0, Digital Asset Managed Wallet iOS System V1.0, Digital Asset Planet Marketing System V1.0, Fabric District Blockchain Smart Contract System V1.0, Digital Asset Managed Wallet Android System V1.0, Digital Asset Merchant Cashier System V1.0.

Internet : Since 2018, Internet has increased its blockchain business, cooperated with the super-data center, and sold leasing equipment to the market. At present, it has cooperated with many overseas mines to aggregate overseas excellent electricity and policy resources.

Feng Ruixiang : In May 2018, Feng Ruixiang set up a subsidiary to develop higher-level anti-money laundering systems, credit information systems, wallet systems, etc., which are based on blockchain technology and have information security identification and anti-counterfeiting tracking. The products with independent intellectual property rights, due to the company's layout stage, the annual loss of 651,800 yuan.

Zhongkesoft : The company cooperates with the Software Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop R&D related functions for precision calculations and R&D projects for blockchain license chain platforms.

Rongxintong : The annual report did not disclose the substantive content, but only mentioned “increase R&D investment in big data and blockchain technology applications”.

Tangren Technology : In the 2017 Annual Report, the blockchain appeared 24 times in Tangren Technology. At that time, Tangren Technology was very optimistic about blockchain + smart culture (cultural copyright, digitalization of property rights + new retail), and used blockchain technology to integrate B-side and online and offline with new value-added commodity trade. Application scenarios to achieve distributed accounting and reasonable distribution of benefits. In the 2018 financial report, Tangren Technology only mentioned the blockchain twice, and did not explain the latest developments in blockchain R&D.

Teng Ruiming : During the reporting period, the company built a platform structure based on points and e-vouchers with points as the core, and increased the reserve of blockchain technology, and actively studied the application of blockchain technology in the integration scenario. UFIDA Finance : Based on the distributed Internet architecture, it integrates Fintech technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, mobile internet and blockchain to create a new generation of financial business platform. Huada Tianyuan : Datong Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Datong Blockchain Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. are closely related to the actual controllers.

Chain Chain Technology : In the future, the company will combine blockchain technology with existing documents, technical resources and strengths to explore data storage, analysis, security, circulation and open sharing.

Yi Hang Internet, Li Feng Intelligent, Gao Li Kai Yuan, Hong Qiao Zhi Gu, Rui Xun shares: no substantive content.

First mentioned blockchain: 6

For the first time in the annual report, the six companies in the blockchain are: Hengtong Cloud, Tianyin Weizhen, ST Xinlongxing, Pinju Network, Gundam Software, and Dome.


Hengtong Cloud : The company's main business is to provide virtualization-centric cloud computing infrastructure services and virtualized data security planning and construction services for industry users. The annual report related to the blockchain is that the affiliated company of the company legal person, Beijing Block Chain Jinfu Network Technology Co., Ltd., is 100% controlled by Heng Jianyun, a representative of Hengtong Cloud.

Kong Jianping is widely known for his successful investment in Jianan Zhizhi in 2015. In August 2017, former chairman Xu Junhua resigned as chairman of Hengtongyun for personal reasons, and Kong Jianping was elected as the chairman of the company.

Kong Jianping entered the fast Hengtong cloud very fast. According to Hengtongyun, before May 8, 2017, Kong Jianping only held 2% of the company's shares. After that, he will follow the form of public transfer and new share subscription in October 2017. Shares increased to 36.83%, and another legendary forester (Sun Qifeng) of the United States dollar circle acquired Hengtong Cloud.

In the circle, Daxie has a "sentimental" for the New Third Board. As early as 2016, Deng Di, the founder of the "Three Musketeers" Yuanbao, Li Lin, the founder of, and Xu Xing, the founder of OKCoin, respectively acquired the new Three board companies. However, after these companies are acquired, it remains to be seen whether the influence of Daxie can be transformed into the company's operating capacity.

New three board blockchain 15 (three companies' revenue data)

New three board blockchain 16

(three companies' net profit data)

Note: The time for Dengdi to enter the Taiyi cloud is May 2016. The time for Li Lin to enter the Chain Group is February 2016. The time for Xu Mingxing to enter the China Securities Association is December 2016.

New three board blockchain 17

(Hengtong Cloud's revenue and profit for the past 3 years)

Tianzheng Weizhen : Using the technological advantages accumulated by the company in the field of agricultural food safety, the platform of anti-counterfeiting traceability of hairy crabs based on blockchain technology was launched.

ST Xinlongxing : Received a prepayment of 170,000 yuan from Hangzhou Beidou Blockchain Technology Co., Ltd.

Quality Network : No substance.

Gundam Software : Gundam Software combines cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, Internet of Things, voice recognition, blockchain, artificial intelligence AI and Microsoft services to create an Internet + supply chain and B2B e-commerce software platform.

Dome shares : Established a subsidiary, the business scope includes Internet blockchain technology research and development services.

No longer mention blockchain: 16

The 16 companies are : Shenpu Information, Haitai Fangyuan, Zhonglian ICT, Yuanfang Power, Express Technology, Xinchuang Jiaye, Shiyi Technology, British Information, Maoang Intelligent, Kehai, Yunhong Information, winning the bid Group, Xipu Data, National Railway Colin, Pivot Technology, Jingxun Technology.

No longer mentioned

Among them, Xinchuang Jiaye, Haitai Fangyuan, Xipu Data, Guotie Kelin and Pivot Technology 5 have not disclosed the 2018 Annual Report because they have been delisted from the New Third Board. As the company is communicating with the accounting firm, the audit work of the 2018 annual report has not been completed and the annual report has not been disclosed.

Shen Pu information : In the 2017 annual report, the concept of blockchain technology is highly sought after, but such new technologies that do not have mature solutions, although the current concept and technology are hotly debated, but in practical applications, there may be A longer way to go. Just because the blockchain was in the early stage, Shenpu took a wait-and-see attitude and did not increase its technical input.

Yuanfang Power : In November 2016, it established a wholly-owned subsidiary to engage in “distributed company + blockchain technology” to participate in carbon trading technology feasibility and economic feasibility research, and actively participate in and layout distributed photovoltaic carbon asset management. The 2018 annual report shows that the company has accumulated a loss of 140,000 yuan for two years.

Express Technology : The 2017 Annual Report mentioned the use of blockchain technology for smart towns, which is not mentioned in the 2018 Annual Report.

Real Technology : The 2017 Annual Report stated that the application of blockchain and artificial intelligence technology is also an important R&D and application direction for the company's future customized software. It is no longer mentioned in the 2018 Annual Report.

British information : In the 2017 annual report, the British information invested more than 1,400 yuan to develop a digital copyright protection system based on the blockchain application. So little poor research and development funding was also seen in the first place. At the time, the British information indicated that the project was still in the research stage, and the progress of the project was no longer disclosed in the 2018 annual report, and it was doubtful whether the project was still in progress.


The layout of the above three new board companies in the blockchain can be summarized as the following six points:

1) The blockchain “money” has a long way to go, but there are still newcomers entering the market. Everyone is struggling to find business scenarios. The era of blockchains embracing business applications is accelerating.

2) The anti-counterfeiting traceability that is widely criticized by the insiders has become a more profitable direction for the blockchain landing. For example, in 2017, Oracle began to use the blockchain for anti-counterfeiting. In the past two years, the compound profit growth rate of net profit exceeded 100%.

3) The original business operation was sluggish, trying to rely on the blockchain to achieve lane change and overtaking. For example, Gao Li Kaiyuan is a company engaged in the design, production and sales of automatic identification devices for mobile terminals. The company said that it was affected by macroeconomics and e-commerce. Since 2016, the company's operations have been at a loss. At present, the company has taken blockchain technology as its core development direction.

4) "Looking good" at the blockchain, but it’s a bit of a taste. For example, Express Technology and Tangren Technology quickly diluted the description of the blockchain in the 2018 financial report.

5) Heavy investment, no effect. For example, the blockchain game developed by JuLing Information spent more than 6.7 million yuan before and after, but did not make a significant contribution to the performance.

6) Whether the influence of Daxie can be transformed into the company's operating capacity remains to be seen, but the admission of Daxie has brought attention to the industry, and it will not be easily defeated. The blockchain will be applied in the future. Period, but more needs everyone to work together.

The above points can, to a certain extent, show the current attitude of Chinese entrepreneurs in dealing with the new technology of blockchain.

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