Anti-epidemic supply chain financing is opened in Xiamen, using blockchain technology to ensure that the credit process is truly controllable

A few days ago, Everbright Bank, Sinopharm Fujian Kairun Medical Devices Co., Ltd. and Hercynian Medicine Trading Center signed an agreement, and Fujian Province ’s anti-epidemic supply chain financing landed in Xiamen City for the first time, and realized the same day of online signing on the same day. Everbright Bank granted a credit of 5 million yuan to Fujian Kairun Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., a pharmaceutical equipment distribution company, Sinopharm. The credit is based on the "pharmaceutical industry + Internet + finance" model as a breakthrough, supported by the financial risk control provided by the Haixi Pharmaceutical Trading Center, issuing pure credit loans, using blockchain technology for distributed bookkeeping to ensure credit The process is truly controllable, and timely “blood transfusion” for key medical companies involved in the prevention and control of epidemic situations, and promote the development of financial innovation and standardization in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain.