In order to recapture the Bitmain legal person, Zhan Ketuan refused to sue Beijing Haidian Market Supervision Administration

According to the blockchain news from the media Wu, Zhan Ketuan has tried to change Bitmain's decision to change the legal person to Wu Jihan by suing the Haidian District Market Supervision Administration in Beijing. However, the Jenke regiment withdrew the complaint on its own shortly after filing. After withdrawing the lawsuit, the Zhanke regiment is currently applying for administrative reconsideration. According to a piece of information published by the Beijing Court Trial Information Network, Zhan Ketuan refused to accept the industrial and commercial registration change made by the Beijing Haidian District Market Supervision Administration and filed an administrative lawsuit with the Beijing Haidian District People's Court. During the litigation process, the Jenke Group filed an application for withdrawal on November 14, 2019. On October 28, the legal representative and executive director of Beijing Bitmain Technology Co., Ltd., Bitmain ’s Beijing operating entity, were changed from Zhan Ketuan to Wu Jihan. On October 29th, Wu Jihan issued an internal letter dismissing all positions of the company's other founder, Jenker Group, in Bitmain. From now on, any employee of Bitmain will no longer be able to execute the instructions of the Jenker Group and shall not participate in the meeting convened by the Jenker Group. On November 7, the Jenke delegation issued an open letter, saying that it would return to the company as soon as possible through legal channels. As can be seen from the documents disclosed above, the Zhan Ke Tuan will sue the Beijing Haidian District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau, which changed the legal person, to court, but immediately withdrew the suit. People in the legal profession told Wu that blockchain, in this case, the judge usually tells the prosecutor that the winning case may be almost 0, and it is recommended to withdraw the case on its own.