Cobo second generation hardware wallet new product launch conference | Chain Node Live Room

On October 18, 2018, the first-generation Cobo vault was officially launched.
On April 10, 2020, Cobo Treasury 2.0, full [core] revolution, online live broadcast officially released, all in the chain node live room!
Large screen, security chip, fully open source, fully off-net

(Maybe) This is the best hardware wallet to use

On April 10 at 14 o'clock in the afternoon waiting for the chain node live room

There is not only a safe roundtable conversation with professional players,

There is also live broadcast out of the box, 360 ° all-round demystification of the second generation of Cobo vault,

Not only unboxing it for you,

We also have a lot of discounts,

Let you buy it at the "lowest price in history" ~

Don't make money, make a friend, come and see

[Time] April 10th (Friday) at 2pm


The actual cobo process

The live broadcast of the live article : hardware wallet is upgraded, Cobo joins hands with chain nodes and chain as the mall to officially launch a new generation of products

Direct link to live broadcast: Cobo second generation hardware wallet conference