Lawyer: Not all mixed currency transactions are suspicious transactions, and exchanges should treat mixed currency services correctly

The Crypto Lawyers executive lawyer Rafael Yakobi said in the latest podcast show that although the currency mixing service is a sensitive topic for many people, it does not want people to consider the currency mixing service CoinJoin as a suspicious activity. In the future, various exchanges will decide how to treat CoinJoin, either officially or privately. It is hoped that the exchange will pursue that if there is no reason to believe that the transaction in progress is suspicious except for the fact that a transaction can be determined, then the transaction should not be regarded as suspicious. If the government wants to prosecute criminal facts, what they do is police and detective work, not surveillance. It is reported that in December, Twitter user Catxolotl claimed that he received a notice from Binance Singapore that due to the use of CoinJoin, a token hybrid service, Catxolotl encountered a period of fund freeze due to anti-money laundering regulations and "risk management."