Coinbase report: Crypto market crash in March generates three profit opportunities including crypto arbitrage

Coinbase released a recent report saying that the crypto market crashed in March, but there were opportunities for derivatives arbitrage and stable currency speculation. 1. Derivative arbitrage through "encrypted arbitrage". Coinbase predicts that the crypto market is usually bullish at 60% net, futures prices are higher than spot prices, and arbitrage through derivatives is usually conducted through "spot holding" transactions. When the price of a derivative expands relative to the spot price, a trader can borrow more than one bitcoin (BTC) in fiat currency while shorting futures to lock in the profit of the spread when the futures contract expires. Because this strategy requires a large spread to cover the cost of holdings, usually during peak volatility periods, derivatives have the most opportunities for arbitrage. As the market suddenly turns bearish, traders can do more bitcoin horizontally when selling bitcoin on the spot market to lock in profits through "crypto arbitrage" transactions during the March plunge. 2. Benefits for holders of stablecoins. With the escalation of the sell-off of crypto assets, traders have locked in the value of their crypto currencies, and a variety of stable currencies have broken the exchange rate linked to fiat currencies. 3. Maker bidders buy Ethereum worth $ 4 million with a small amount of money. The previous Maker auction made some holders buy Ethereum almost free.