Viewpoint: Integrating cryptocurrency payments in the online dating industry benefits users and platforms

The integration of the online dating industry and cryptocurrency has opened up new avenues for those who may not want to show their identity online via credit card. They can choose to use pseudonyms and use cryptocurrency as a payment method. According to Bitcoin Dance ’s interest graph of the Bitcoin community based on Google analysis, the community ’s interest in dating services is 2.14%. Liam Hunt, financial writer for Sophisticated Investor, said that cryptocurrencies are more than just another form of payment on dating apps. Blockchain technology protects users' personal information from network security threats. Many data application users prefer to keep their identities and accounts confidential. For users seeking a more confidential online dating experience, cryptocurrency provides an anonymous form of payment. Dating apps can issue tokens to "reward users with good behaviors (such as user participation, swipe cards, and comments)." The tokens can also be used to make in-app purchases or unlock upgrades. The implementation of cryptocurrency not only brings benefits to users, but also benefits online matchmaking platforms: once cryptocurrency payments are executed, they are irreversible. Therefore, chargeback fraud is extremely unlikely. Private Internet Access digital currency and privacy advocate Caleb Chen said that from a security perspective, users send encrypted currency to the address provided by the website, rather than paying and storing sensitive information through credit cards, and then become the target of hacker attacks.