Shanghai will focus on 12 major development priorities, including online finance, and explore the integration of finance and blockchain

At the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Press Conference held today, Wu Jincheng, director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology, interpreted the recently released "Shanghai Action Plan for Promoting Online New Economic Development (2020-2022). He said that the online new economy is based on AI, 5G, Internet, big data, blockchain and other intelligent interactive technologies, and is deeply integrated with modern manufacturing, business finance, entertainment consumption, education and health, and circulation and travel. , Interactive, new formats and new models. The plan will focus on the 12 major development priorities of industrial Internet, remote office, online finance, and online entertainment. Among them, online finance will promote online loan renewal and loan repayment, investment and financial management and other services, and explore the integration of finance and AI, big data and blockchain.