Live Streaming Preview | Babbitt Cloud Summit Forum: Where is the way to open the financial road to solve the DeFi development bottleneck?

Today (April 13) at 2 pm, the wind is back again. 2020-Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit will hold the seventh forum event. The theme of this forum was "Breaking the bottleneck of DeFi development and where is the path to open finance?" Invited David Lei, co-founder of The Force Protocol ForTube, Pan Chao, head of MakerDAO China, Tiao Zige, Chainlink China community director, and IRISnet research director Heavy guests such as Hu Zhiwei and Qiu Shan, a senior researcher from Biyuan Chain, discussed DeFi related topics together.

3.12 Under extreme market conditions, the transcripts delivered by DeFi are unsatisfactory. The three mountains of liquidity, risk control and governance are insurmountable, and Ethereum may have become the main bottleneck in the development of DeFi. This time we are facing the bottom dilemma, and the public chain is battling with each other. Who can become the next generation of DeFi infrastructure? Where is the open financial path? Let's wait and see, scan the QR code below and watch the live broadcast.