For the first time than the original chain commercial application of threshold signatures to achieve major engineering breakthroughs

It is reported that the TSS threshold signature system independently developed by the original chain will be launched and officially applied to the MOV asset management process. This is the first time that threshold signatures have been applied in the process of commercialization and has extraordinary significance.

Threshold signature is a distributed multi-party signature protocol, including distributed key generation, signature and redistribution key algorithms. In recent years, with the rapid development of blockchain technology, the threshold signature algorithm has received extensive attention in academic research and commercial applications. Its security, ease of use, scalability, distributability, and communication efficiency (including communication complexity) Degree and bandwidth) have great advantages in dimensions.

Based on the GG18 protocol, the original chain overcomes the two difficulties of complete threshold implementation and efficient key generation. The threshold signature is applied to the asset management process of the MOV open gateway. Compared with the multi-signature scheme, when the open gateway is required The threshold signature has obvious advantages when the federation members are expanded.

Biyuan Chain has always been committed to technological innovation to promote the development and landing of blockchain. This commercial application of threshold signature is a major breakthrough in engineering and has a profound impact on the theoretical landing application.