Babbitt Cloud Summit | Senior Researcher at Bira Chain: DeFi Risk Forecast Is Completely Feasible

This afternoon, the wind rises again. 2020—Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit will hold the seventh forum event with the theme "Crack the DeFi development bottleneck, where is the open financial path?". When it comes to DeFi risk control, Liu Qiuyi, a senior researcher of the original chain, said that there are four types of DeFi control: arbitrage control, audit loopholes, risk prediction and risk management. DeFi is a SOLD integration system (StableCoin, Oracle, Lending, DEX). The composability allows us to respect the existence of arbitrage, and it is also equipped with a double risk management mechanism. If there are n different applications in a DeFi mode Use, the corresponding risk complexity is n times of 2.

He also pointed out that MOV has done a lot of academic research work on arbitrage control and risk prediction. Specifically, you can refer to the all-weather risk measurement mentioned in the "MOV Stable Fusion System", and we have also implemented Approved the procedure and submitted it to the International Conference. In general, we believe that the realization of risk forecasting is completely feasible, mainly focusing on the volatility, correlation, risk reserve, and swan's exhaustive look at the work of the development system, that is, on DeFi program and In the process of production, the control function and output should be regarded as the same important position and professional management as product function development. Live link: