Babbitt Cloud Summit | IRISnet Research Director: Cross-chain is the basis for the further development of DeFi

This afternoon, the wind rises again. 2020—Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit will hold the seventh forum event with the theme "Crack the DeFi development bottleneck, where is the open financial path?". When talking about cross-chain, IRISnet research director Hu Zhiwei said that cross-chain is the basis for the further development of DeFi. Cross-chain can make the value of different blockchains interoperable. Taking DEX as an example, users can use cross-chain to not only securely trade on exchanges that are not controlled by a central institution, but also have a larger trading space-not only different attributes The token can be atomically exchanged across chains, and service-oriented blockchains such as IRISnet can be used to make financial services cross-chain calls, so cross-chain allows DeFi to have more imagination. Live link: