Quotes: The main funds frequently carry out short-term operations, the risk is higher, and the short-term focus is on support near $ 6550

According to the OKEx spot display, as of the start of the European market, BTC temporarily reported $ 6718.8 (-4.88%). OKB temporarily reported US $ 4.54 (-2.43%). Last weekend, after breaking the bearish wedge, BTC briefly stabilized above $ 6,750. The currency price rebounded slightly below the resistance of $ 7,200 on Sunday night. However, with the rapid shrinkage of trading volume, the trend entered the consolidation in the next few hours and today In the morning, it quickly fell back to around $ 6,700, and walked out of a main entrance pattern.

OKEx analyst Neo believes that although the rebound on Sunday showed a trend of volume increase and price increase in the previous period, it seems to have a trend of returning to the previous high. However, with the first negative line that appeared at 1 am today, it was accompanied by a phase corresponding to the rebound of the previous hour. The matching volume has signaled that the rebound is blocked, and the cross-shaped closing line has proved this in the next few hours. The large drawdown in the morning is actually the profit settlement of the large funds after the currency price rebounded yesterday. The process, as the lowest point fell below $ 6750 is also a reflection of the selling behavior of retail investors due to the operation of the main funds. At the current stage, the currency price has been under pressure at $ 6750. There is a high probability that the market will continue to find support around $ 6500. However, it is unlikely to fall below this position within the day. Investors should note that the trend has a certain probability of repeated shocks along the $ 6750. , Holding small positions has the risk of being frequently washed out.