Babbitt Cloud Summit | MakerDAO Pan Chao: Decentralization is an important standard for measuring community governance

This afternoon, the wind rises again. 2020—Babbitt Global Partners Cloud Summit will hold the seventh forum event with the theme "Crack the DeFi development bottleneck, where is the open financial path?". When asked about MakerDAO community governance, Pan Chao, head of MakerDAO China, said that returning MKR to MKR holders does not mean that the foundation no longer exists, but that the right to issue additional MKRs is given to MKR holders. Although the foundation will eventually disappear, it is a long-term process. Risk control and governance are the pros and cons of coins. Governance is more difficult than risk control. An important criterion for measuring governance is decentralization. The reason why MakerDAO has a zero-price auction is that its agreement itself is highly decentralized, and developers cannot change the agreement within 24 hours. Video playback: