Upcoming SheKnows live video events 丨 Under the epidemic, the transformation and accelerated development of the blockchain industrial park

2020 is a key year for the development of China's blockchain industry. As a carrier for the development of blockchain industry clusters, blockchain industrial parks have vigorously supported the construction of nearly 40 blockchain industrial parks across the country.

However, the small scale of investment, unsatisfactory investment conditions, and dependence on government subsidies are issues that most blockchain industrial parks cannot avoid. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has worsened the dilemma of the blockchain industry park. With the coexistence of opportunities and challenges, how can the blockchain industrial park break?

At 7:30 on the evening of April 13, Babbitt will invite the head of the domestic first-line blockchain industrial park led by the government to introduce the current status of the operation of the blockchain industrial park, face the difficulties, reflect on experience, and find a way out. Click the event link: http://t.cn/A6wtgUq1, or scan the poster QR code to watch.