Blockchain Weekly | Bitcoin hit a new high in the year, up to more than $6,000

In the 18th week of 2019, from the data of nine dimensions, analyze the development trend of the encrypted digital currency industry in the past week to explain a more realistic blockchain.


In the past seven days, the global trend of Bitcoin has increased from last week, and market sentiment has been greedy. The details are as follows:

Total market value of cryptocurrency: +5.44%

Bitcoin BTC Price: +7.69%

Bitcoin weekly trading volume: +3.08%

Weekly new address: +4.60%

Weekly active address: +5.97%

Bitcoin network computing power: +7.72%

Bitcoin rose more than $6000 this week, as the US announced that taxpayers could use Bitcoin for tax rebates, Amazon's blockchain services, Bakkt's acquisition of hosting companies, and Nasdaq data to increase the XRP index. Among the TOP100 currencies, 39 were up in the currency and 61 were in the currency. Bitcoin's new address and active address have increased, indicating that BTC investors' attendance and activity have increased, and Bitcoin's overall network computing power is close to the historical highest. At this stage, it is suitable to adopt the “fixed-rated investment method”, and read more books and more coins.

First, the weekly market value trend:

In the past week, the total market value of cryptocurrency has risen from $171.24 billion to $180.56 billion, with a total market capitalization of +5.44%.

Among them, bitcoin BTC price: +7.69%, Ethereum ETH price: +2.58%, Ripple XRP price: +0.45%, bitcoin cash BCH price: +12.64%, EOS price: +0.97%, Litecoin LTC price: +6.24%.

(Chart source: coinmarketcap)

Second, the weekly trading volume list:

Bitcoin weekly trading volume rose from 90.486 billion US dollars last week to 93.274 billion US dollars this week, and weekly trading volume: +3.08%.

The top 10 currencies in the past 7 days of digital currency trading volume are: Bitcoin BTC, TEDA USDT, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC, Bitcoin Cash BCH, EOS, Ripple XRP, Wavefield TRX, Ether Classic ETC, Small Ant NEO. This week, the large zero-coin ZEC and the quantum chain QTUM fell out of the top ten. The specific data is as follows:

(Chart source: coinmarketcap)

Third, the number of new addresses, active addresses: (basic indicators reflecting the internal value of Bitcoin)

In the past seven days, the new address of Bitcoin dropped from 2,536,592 last week to 2,653,370 this week, and the new address was added: +4.60%.

The bitcoin active address in the past seven days fell from 4,943,001 last week to 5,238,321 this week, and the weekly active address: +5.97%.

Bitcoin's new address and active address have declined, indicating that BTC investors' attendance and activity have decreased.

Fourth, the whole network computing power trend:

Bitcoin's total network computing power has risen from 45.3EH/s last week to 48.8EH/s now, and the total network computing power: +7.72%.

At present, each T gains 1T * 24H = 0.00003752BTC, the next difficulty is predicted to be (+3.67%) 6.95T, the median block volume is 1.20M in the past two weeks, and the number of unconfirmed transactions is 4,604, and the predicted output is halved. For May 19, 2020.

Mine pool computing power list:

(Chart source:


V. The proportion of the total market capitalization of mainstream currencies:

The current global cryptocurrency market bitcoin BTC market value accounted for 55.81%, Ethereum ETH accounted for 9.49%, Ripple XRP accounted for 6.97%, bitcoin cash BCH accounted for 2.82%, Litecoin LTC accounted for 2.52%.

(Chart source: coinmarketcap)

Sixth, Google Trends:

Google Trends shows how many keywords are searched globally by analyzing Google’s billions of search results worldwide.

Look at the Google Trends keyword "BTC USD", which can be used to measure the growth trend of Bitcoin users:

The five countries with the highest global “bitcoin” are: Nigeria, South Africa, Austria, Switzerland, Switzerland. China is ranked 50th.

The five countries with the highest global “blockchain” are: Georgia, Benin, Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda.

Seven, bitcoin sentiment analysis:

Bitcoin market sentiment changed from last week's fear to this week's greed, as shown below:

(Chart source:

Note: Bitcoin panic and greed index: 0 means "extreme panic" and 100 means "extreme greed". When investors become too scared, this may be a buying opportunity; when investors become too greedy, this means that the market will adjust, which may be a selling opportunity.

Eight, DApp turnover:

The total trading volume of the top ten DApps based on the Ethereum blockchain is: 240.1 million RMB

The total transaction volume of the top ten DApps based on the EOS blockchain is: 839.3 million yuan.

The total trading volume of the top ten DApps based on the wave field blockchain is: 591.1 million yuan

Ethereum DApp rankings:

EOS DApp leaderboard:

Wave field DApp rankings:

(Chart source:


Nine, blockchain activity index:

The current blockchain activity index ranks TOP10: EOS, TRX, MHC, STEEM, BTS, BTC, ETH, KIN, WAX, TLOS.

(Chart source:


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