Bella Fang, founder of WBF Exchange: Watt contract has outstanding advantages and is expected to reshape the industry ecology

On April 13, Bella Fang, the founder of Singapore WBF Exchange, acted as a guest chain node and shared wonderful views in the AMA event. Bella Fang said that the Watt contract launched by WBF is well-known and is jointly created by top teams. Its carefully designed "marked price", "gradient margin" and "partial position reduction mechanism" can effectively strengthen risk management and protect user rights. . Mechanisms such as the return of liquidated positions, the liquidation of penalties, the return of commissions for pending orders, and the deep binding of WBF's values ​​are the best embodiment of "long-termism". Bella Fang believes that through blockchain technology + Internet innovation + the underlying logic of traditional finance, it will become the biggest window of opportunity in the next era. For details of AMA, please see: