DEX Weekly Report: The total transaction volume of the Ethereum DEX project in the past week totaled US $ 54.25 million

According to data: As of now, the 20 DEX projects based on the Ethereum network have been counted, and the total transaction volume on the chain in the past week has been 338,284 ETH, totaling $ 54,254,634. Overall, the DEX projects with the most active users in the past week were Uniswap (9,005), Kyber (6,913), IDEX (5,011), Tokenlon (3,338), ForkDelta (1,046) ); Ranked by user transaction volume, the DEX items with the largest transaction volume are: Uniswap (131,494ETH), Kyber (98,939ETH), Tokenlon (61,219ETH), DDEX (24,329ETH), IDEX (20,850ETH).