Propaganda Department of Chengdu Municipal Commission launches cultural and creative financial investment and financing service platform based on blockchain and other technologies

According to the People's Daily News, on April 13, the "Concentration Signing of Chengdu's Newly Introduced Major Cultural and Creative Projects in 2020 and the First Loan Ceremony of the" Creative and Cultural Tongtong Action "" was held in Jingronghui, Chengdu High-tech Zone. At the event site, the cultural and creative financial investment and financing service platform-"Tianfu Cultural and Creative Cloud", developed by the Propaganda Department of the Chengdu Municipal Commission, and responsible for the technical development of the Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, was launched simultaneously. It is reported that in the design and development of "Tianfu Wenchuangyun", it has comprehensively used many cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence technology, blockchain technology, and big data technology. It is reported that "Tianfu Wenchuangyun" will provide ten application scenarios and functions in the early stage of the project.