SheKnows Live | Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association: Without the promotion of upper-level resources, blockchain companies will not survive for half a year

On April 13, a live broadcast on the theme "Under the epidemic, the transformation and acceleration of the blockchain industrial park" landed in the SheKnows live room. Shi Weijie, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai Blockchain Technology Association, shared that the park's blockchain It is expected that the company's early earnings will not meet expectations, because the industry is very early, without the promotion of upper-level resources, companies will not survive for half a year. However, the government has given a loose enough environment to push from top to bottom, and it will not take a few years for them to quickly grow into unicorns needed by local governments. Shen Qiangjie, deputy director of the Investment and Cooperation Bureau of the Information Industry Park of Changsha High-tech Zone, believes that there must be industrial thinking in the blockchain. The industrial park is not only for output value, but for GDP. As an emerging technology, everyone can see its potential. At present, there are not many pure blockchain projects in the park, but there are still a number of enterprises with great potential. In addition, there are some companies that are transitioning to blockchain. To watch the wonderful live broadcast, click the link: