The "Single Mortgage Sai System" poll has been passed and will be implemented on April 24th

On March 30, the governance team of the Maker Foundation put a governance poll into the voting system to collect community opinions on whether the single mortgage Sai system should be closed. The poll was passed on April 7. On April 24, an executive vote will be launched, and MKR holders will vote on whether to officially close the single mortgage Sai system.

The Maker Foundation said that the gradual closure of single-mortgage Sai has always been part of the Maker plan, because multi-mortgage Dai already includes ETH and more asset types. Since the end of 2019, Maker has started to collect opinions on closing the single mortgage Sai system in the community. On March 12, 2020, the cryptocurrency market experienced a sharp decline. The single-mortgage Sai faced the risk of insufficient mortgages, and it was difficult for Sai to achieve anchoring with the US dollar. This prompted MakerDAO to consider closing the single-mortgage Sai as soon as possible, and completely migrate to the multi-mortgage Dai system.