The digital currency letter is wrong, and related parties of Zhongzhuang Construction have been notified and criticized

According to Capital State News, on April 13, Zhongzhuang Construction (002822.SZ) and its chairman, president and secretary of the board of directors were all criticized by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. It was found that Zhongzhuang Construction and the relevant parties had the following violations: On November 1, 2019, Zhongzhuang Construction responded to investor consultations on the interactive easy platform, saying that "the central bank digital currency working group met with Zhongzhuang Construction in Shanghai Fang Yushu, the head of the blockchain sector and CEO of Shanghai Jige Information Technology Co., Ltd., conducted in-depth communication on the research, development, access and testing of digital currencies in the field of architectural decoration. There is a rumor that “the central bank's digital currency working group met the heads of relevant companies' blockchain sector in Shanghai”.