Blockchain Weekly | Tesla, Nestlé and other big companies apply blockchain; BCH and BSV are both halved

Abstract: The Bank of Korea launched a digital currency pilot program; the central bank's digital currency is proceeding in an orderly manner according to the original plan; BCH and BSV mining rewards are halved; Reddit will launch community points based on Ethereum; Ouke Group's tens of millions of investments in Wuhan Fun technology. 10 listed companies disclose blockchain-related businesses or plans.

According to PANews statistics, there were 8 project financing acquisitions in the blockchain field announced last week, with a total financing amount of about 15.2 million US dollars (excluding projects that have not disclosed the specific investment and financing amount), involving security, payment, wallets, games, and data verification. Rights and other fields.

1. Director of the General Office of the People's Bank of China: The central bank's digital currency is proceeding in an orderly manner as originally planned

According to news from Sina Finance on April 10, the People's Bank of China held a press conference for financial statistics for the first quarter. When asked about the current progress of the central bank's digital currency, Zhou Xuedong, director of the central bank's office, said that the central bank's digital currency is currently proceeding in an orderly manner as originally planned.

2. The Bank of Korea launched a digital currency pilot program

The Bank of Korea said on April 6 that it has launched a pilot program for the central bank to issue digital currencies for a period of 22 months to check the ability of the central bank to issue such currencies. This pilot program was launched last month and will end before the end of next year. The pilot plan is to establish a pilot system in 2021 to identify the necessary technical and legal requirements for creating and circulating new cryptocurrencies. (Yonhap)

3. Report of the European Parliament: Europe should take action to cover the “blind spots” of crypto asset supervision

According to The Block news on April 10, according to a recent study by the European Parliament Research Service, the EU regulator should expand the scope of the definition of cryptocurrencies and the legal scope of encryption-related entities. The researchers also found that there are problems in allowing financial institutions to engage in crypto asset trading, and believe that investors should get clearer instructions on the high-risk nature of crypto assets.

4. Development and Reform Commission, Central Network Information Office: Accelerate the common technology of digital transformation, support technology integration innovation such as blockchain

According to the official website of the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Central Network Information Office issued an "Implementation Plan for Promoting the Action of" Using Numbers to Empower the Cloud "to Cultivate New Economic Development". The "Proposal" proposes to accelerate the development and application of common technologies and key technologies for digital transformation. It supports the exploration of new-generation digital technology applications and integrated innovations such as big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital twins, 5G, Internet of Things, and blockchain in qualified industry sectors and enterprises. Increase support for common development platforms, open source communities, common solutions, basic hardware and software, and encourage the development of relevant codes, standards, and open source platforms.

5. The Chinese Olympic Committee reminds you to be vigilant about the accumulation of money under the banner of blockchain technology

The Chinese Olympic Committee issued a statement on the official website on April 8th. Recently, the Chinese Olympic Committee's IPR Protection Line has repeatedly received consultations and complaints about illegal marketing involving the Olympic Games. For example, claiming to be held in the name of the so-called "World Olympic Sports Foundation", under the banner of blockchain technology and the "Olympic Star" money-gathering activities. The Chinese Olympic Committee said that the protection of intellectual property rights is its unremitting work, and in particular, it is necessary to strictly prevent the use of the Olympic intellectual property rights and the name of the Olympic Games to damage the image of the Olympic Movement and the legitimate rights and interests of the relevant rights holders and other parties.

6. Shenzhen Nanshan District and Huawei are co-financing the Nanshan District Financial Technology Alliance to apply blockchain and other technologies

On April 10, the Nanshan District People's Government of Shenzhen City and Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. signed a signing ceremony for the joint development of Kunpeng Ecological Strategic Cooperation Agreement, which will help Shenzhen build a national Kunpeng Industrial Demonstration Zone. According to the contents of the strategic agreement, the two parties will jointly build the Nanshan District Financial Technology Alliance to accelerate the application of big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, 5G and other key frontier fields in financial innovation projects.

1. BCH and BSV have successively reduced production, and the latest block rewards have been reduced to 6.25BCH

At 20:19 on April 8th, the BCH blockchain reached the height of 630,000 blocks, completing the first halving goal, reducing the reward by 50%, from 12.5BCH to 6.25BCH. At 8:48 on April 10th, the height of the BSV block reached the original halved block height of 630,000, and the block reward has been reduced from 12.5 BSV to 6.25 BSV. After the production reduction, the computing power of the entire BSV network is about 2.98 EH / s, and the difficulty of mining is 429.52 G.

2. Jiannan Technology's huge loss in fiscal year 2019, a class action lawsuit will start next month

On April 9, Jianan Technology released the first unaudited profit report since its listing in the United States in November last year. Affected by the volatility of bitcoin prices, it had a net loss of USD 148.6 million in 2019 and a full year revenue of 2.043 One hundred million U.S. dollars. At the same time as the huge loss, Jianan Technology is also facing a lawsuit from investors in the United States. In an official statement, the US law firm Robbins Geller Rudman & Dowd LLP announced that it chose the main plaintiff in the Jianan Technology Securities class action The deadline is May 4, 2020. That is to say, before that, the shareholders of Jianan must decide who will represent their interests. The lawsuit alleges that Jianan Technology's IPO registration statement is false, it misled investors and concealed important information.

3. The country's first real estate sales blockchain electronic invoice was issued in Shenzhen

The country's first real estate sales blockchain electronic invoice was issued in Shenzhen. Recently, Evergrande Real Estate in Pingshan, Shenzhen, issued the nation's first real estate sales blockchain electronic invoice. This is another new scenario of blockchain electronic invoicing that Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent Blockchain expanded together during the epidemic. In the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen blockchain electronic invoices have landed in two major scenarios, hospitals and home appliance retailing. More than 18 million electronic block invoices have been issued in Shenzhen, covering hundreds of industries including financial insurance, public transportation, retail catering, and Internet services.

4. Nestlé introduces blockchain to its Zogas coffee brand

On April 6, Nestlé has partnered with the Tropical Rainforest Alliance to extend the use of the IBM Food Trust blockchain technology platform to its introduction of QR codes on the packaging of roasted and ground coffee products for the Zoégas coffee brand in Sweden, consumers The origin of its coffee products can be traced back. (Foodbev)

5. Reddit blockchain points system details exposed: running on Ethereum, with a total of 250 million points, redeemable member benefits

According to a video posted by Reddit user MagoCrypto, Reddit may launch a blockchain credit system on its application. More details show that the system is called "Community Credits", will run on Ethereum, and will give each user an Ethereum wallet and use ERC20 tokens. In this system, points are a measure of a community ’s reputation and contribution. In order to highlight the most important members of the community, the point balance will be displayed next to the username of the post and comment. The information shows that the initial distribution of points is 50 million, and the first year is 50 million, and then the number of new points will decrease each year, up to 250 million. (Decrypt)

For more reading the original text, see "The ERC20 Credits to be Released by the Reddit Community with a Monthly Activity of 400 Million"

6.HTC launches a smartphone application that supports Monero coin mining

According to The Block report, HTC's EXODUS 1S blockchain smartphone can support Monero mining. This feature requires users to install the DeMiner App-this application is developed by ASIC chip design company Midas Labs and is expected to be available in the second quarter of 2020. Phil Chen, head of HTC decentralization, said that DeMiner will make demining and more efficient. HTC has launched blockchain-related business. Recently, the company launched a blockchain router that allows customers to run a complete Bitcoin node at home. The EXODUS series of smartphones also have a built-in cryptocurrency wallet called Zion Vault.

7. Several Swiss crypto companies cooperate to launch tzBTC anchored in Bitcoin

Several cryptocurrency companies based in Switzerland have launched "tzBTC"-a token based on the Tezos blockchain and anchored with Bitcoin 1: 1. The news was announced on Wednesday by the Swiss Bitcoin Association, which oversees tzBTC. The association stated that tzBTC enables holders to interact with Tezos smart contracts while anchoring the value of Bitcoin.

9. The court adjudicates the labor dispute between the three shareholders of Yinyin and Bitmain, and Yinyin needs to return compensation and pay liquidated damages.

A few days ago, the Beijing Haidian District People's Court ruled on the civil judgment of the first instance of the labor dispute between the three shareholders of the Yinyin Mining Pool and Bitmain. The court ruled that Pan Zhibiao (80% of the shares), Li Tianzhao (10% of the shares) and Zhu Weight (10% of the shares) all need to return the compensation for the competition restriction paid by Bitmain, which amounts to about 900,000 yuan, and pays Bitmain for violation of the competition. The total liquidated damages are about 1.2 million yuan. In June 2019, some media reported that Bitmain is suing its former employees, Pan Zhibiao, Zhu Wei, and Li Tianzhao, co-founders of the Yinyin mining pool, for compensation of 30 million yuan.

According to Wu said on the blockchain, Bitmain believes that the total compensation of 2.1 million yuan in this judgment is not enough to offset the losses caused by the breach of contract, so it chose to appeal.

10. Tesla applied blockchain technology for the first time to speed up the parts extraction process

According to foreign media reports, Tesla uses blockchain technology to help the Shanghai factory manage the logistics of imported products. CargoSmart, a freight management technology company, announced that it has completed a successful pilot project with COSCO Shipping, Shanghai International Port Group and Tesla to "change the cargo release process." They claimed that this was "one of the first pilot projects to exchange freight data with shipping companies and terminal operators in real time through blockchain."

11. SMIC entered the mining machine and cooperated with Jianan to ship in the second quarter

According to the blockchain news from Wu media, SMIC, the largest chip manufacturer in mainland China, may use its products for the first time in cryptocurrency mining machines that are mass-produced and shipped. It is reported that the 14nm mining machine chip cooperated by SMIC and Jianan Technology has completed testing and will be mass-produced and shipped in the second quarter of this year. The specific chip type or a certain small currency miner. SMIC has fabs in Shanghai, Beijing, Tianjin, Shenzhen, and Jiangyin. The highest chip manufacturing process currently available is 14nm. It is expected to start trial production of 7nm in the fourth quarter of this year.

According to industry insiders, this is not the first time SMIC has attempted to enter the field of mining machines. At the beginning of 18, SMIC had cooperated with celebrities in Dongguan's currency circle. No mass production. SMIC has been actively entering the mining machine industry, and has cooperated with other mining machine manufacturers, but there is no main production model.

12. Four blockchain people are among the Forbes Global Billionaires 2020, with a total value of US $ 8.7 billion

PANews April 9, according to The Block report, "Forbes" newly released billionaire list, the cryptocurrency industry four people on the list, including Bitmain co-founder Zhan Ke Tuan and Wu Jihan, Ripple co-founder Chris Larsen And Brian Armstrong, CEO of Coinbase. Their personal wealth is USD 3.3 billion, USD 1.8 billion, USD 2.6 billion and USD 1 billion respectively. ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin and Binance CEO Zhao Changpeng did not appear on the list. Both appear in the "Crypto Rich" list released by Forbes in 2018.

1. Xiong'an Technology and Tianyin Holding Group signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement

Xiong'an Technology (01647.HK) announced that on April 6, 2020, Xiong'an Creative Technology Co., Ltd. ("Xiongan Creative", a 60% -owned subsidiary of the company) entered into a strategic cooperation with Tianyin Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. Framework Agreement. According to the agreement, the two parties intend to cooperate in depth, including but not limited to the establishment of a joint venture company, relying on the world's leading 5G + cloud computing + blockchain + virtual reality technology, joint research and development and expansion of mobile Internet video products and digital asset management business in China and overseas markets .

2. Ruiming Technology: The company mainly uses blockchain technology to solve data encryption problems

Ruiming Technology (002970.SZ) said in an interactive platform to answer investor questions that the company is a commercial vehicle solution provider with video as its core, mainly focusing on the driving safety, public safety, driver and vehicle cooperation of various commercial vehicles. Conduct business such as regulatory supervision, operation enterprise automation and information management. Regarding blockchain, the company mainly uses this technology to solve the problem of data encryption.

3. Yuxin Technology: will use the technical advantages of blockchain and other banks to provide financial technology empowerment for banks in digital currency

Yuxin Technology (300674.SZ) responded to investors ’questions on Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive Express, saying that we believe that digital currency will be an important strategy for the future development of fintech. At the level of the underlying technical architecture, the company will work closely with Baidu. Taking full advantage of Baidu's technical advantages in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and big data, and combining industry know-how accumulated in its own service of the financial industry for more than 20 years, it has launched products and solutions suitable for various financial service scenarios to provide banks Provide financial technology empowerment in digital currency.

4. Zhongxin Holdings' 2019 mid-term revenue decrease was mainly due to a decrease in revenues such as blockchain services

China New Holdings (08207.HK) released interim results. For the six months ended June 30, 2019, the company achieved a turnover of 1.008 billion yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 24.9%; the loss attributable to the company owner was 272 million yuan, and the profit attributable to the company owner was 309 million yuan in the same period last year Yuan; basic loss per share is RMB 1.18 cents. During the reporting period, the decrease in revenue was mainly due to the decrease in revenue from blockchain services and traditional loan and financing services, which offset the increase in third-party payment services and online investment and technology-driven loan services.

5. China Information: The company's blockchain solution covers the layout and research of digital currency

Shenzhou Information (000555.SZ) said in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive Easy to answer investors ’questions that the company ’s blockchain solution covers the layout and research of digital currency and can provide corresponding products and solutions for financial institutions such as banks. Related business is still in the market development stage.

6. Ziguang Guowei: The company's security chip products are expected to be applied in the field of digital currency

Ziguang Guowei (002049.SZ) responded to investors in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange that according to the general principles of public information and digital currency, a digital currency wallet based on hardware security chips is a digital currency carrier that can provide security. The development of digital currency is The security chip provides a very broad application scenario. The company has not directly participated in the central bank's digital currency business at present, but the company has accumulated for many years in cryptographic algorithms, security chips, and trusted computing, and has related technical reserves of digital currency chips. The company's security chip products are expected to be obtained in the field of digital currency application.

7. Dongfang Guoxin: The holding subsidiary Beijing Block Node Technology Co., Ltd. involves blockchain technology

Dongfang Guoxin (300166.SZ) responded to investors on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive Interactive that the company's holding subsidiary Beijing Block Node Technology Co., Ltd. involves blockchain technology.

8. Sifang Jingchuang: The company has explored the products that have been put on the market in the application of different digital currencies

Sifang Jingchuang (300468.SZ) said on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange-Interactive Exchange that in response to investor questions, according to the issuer and the scope of circulation, digital currency can be divided into sovereign (legal) digital currency, super-sovereign digital currency and in specific digital communities Digital tokens in circulation. The company actively carries out application exploration or related technical cooperation in different digital currency fields, and has already launched products to the market; in addition, the company has applied for invention patents in related fields, which has not yet had a significant impact on the company's performance.

9. Broadcast and Television Express: The company's main research direction is the exchange between digital currency and bank account currency on self-service devices

Guangdian Express (002152.SZ) said in reply to investors on the Dongmi platform that for digital currency, the company's main research direction is the exchange between digital currency and bank account currency on self-service devices, not limited to ATM machines. If digital currency is launched, it means that existing bank self-service equipment may need to be upgraded for digital currency exchange, which is an opportunity for the company. Regarding digital currencies, please refer to the policies and technical standards of the central bank.

10. Hypergraph software: will promote the research and development of the combination of blockchain and GIS to realize the productization of blockchain

SuperMap Software (300036.SZ) released its 2019 annual report on April 10th, proposing in the "Industry Development Trends and Opportunities Facing the Company" that blockchain technology empowers and accelerates the promotion of GIS blockchain productization. The company's research institute has established a blockchain research laboratory to conduct relevant exploration and research on the combined application of blockchain + GIS, mainly focusing on two business directions: the first is the direction of electronic license storage in the real estate registration business, The second is the direction of GIS engines based on blockchain.

1. Cash Fusion Fund has raised US $ 51,000 in BCH donations

As of April 5, the Cashfusion fund has received 623 donations, of which 103.3% (approximately US $ 51,000) worth of bitcoin cash has officially exceeded the fundraising goal. The funds will be used for Cashfusion developer fees and Kudelski Security security audits. (News Bitcoin)

2. Virtual currency license licensed payment company SoFi will acquire payment software company Galileo for $ 1.2 billion

According to CNBC's April 7, online lending company SoFi has agreed to acquire payment software company Galileo for $ 1.2 billion. The CEOs of both companies said that cash plus stock trading will help both companies launch new products, expand internationally and take advantage of consumers ’shift to digital finance.

3. Lightheart Entertainment raised 1.4 million US dollars, Galaxy Interactive led the investment

On April 7, Lightheart Entertainment has raised $ 1.4 million in seed money for its "hyper core" mobile game. The company said the game is deep enough to satisfy the preferences of hardcore players while still having accessibility Features.

4. Eurotech Group invested tens of millions in Wuhan Yunqu Technology

On April 8, 2020, Ouke Group announced the completion of an investment share agreement with Wuhan Yunqu Technology of more than 10 million yuan. The relevant person in charge of Ouke Group said that Yunqu Technology, as a local high-tech company in Wuhan, is optimistic about its achievements and prospects in the core technology of blockchain industry information intelligent search, data mining and analysis, AI personalized information push, etc. It is also hoped that through this investment and subsequent in-depth cooperation, it will help the development of Wuhan science and technology enterprises and contribute to the accelerated recovery of economic and market activities in Wuhan after the outbreak.

5. Crypto wallet developer Ginco completed the Pre-A round of financing, led by DBJ Capital, a venture capital of Japan Policy Investment Bank

On April 8, Japanese cryptocurrency wallet developer Ginco announced the completion of the Pre-A round of financing, led by DBJ Capital, a venture capital arm of Japan ’s policy investment bank. It is reported that this is DBJ Capital's first investment in a blockchain enterprise. (Cointelegraph)

6. Blockchain payment startup Sila completes $ 7.7 million in seed round financing

On April 9, Sila, a blockchain banking and payment startup, announced that it had completed a $ 7.7 million seed round of financing. Madrona Venture Group and Oregon Venture Fund led the investment. Mucker Capital, 99 Tartans, Taavet Kinrikus and Jerry Neumann participated in the investment. (SiliconAngle)

7. CHAMPtitles, an Ownum subsidiary, completes a $ 5 million financing

On April 9th, CHAMPtitles, a subsidiary of blockchain technology company Ownum, has completed a new round of financing of USD 5 million. It is reported that the company's main business direction is to digitize vehicle ownership. (Crain's Cleveland Business)

8. Vertex Market, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency market, received $ 1.1 million in investment

On April 11, Vertex Market, a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency market under Vertex Capital, a cryptocurrency asset management company, recently received $ 1.1 million in funding from a consortium of high-net-worth investors in Saudi Arabia, which will be used for marketing to develop the platform. (Zycrypto)